Do’s & Don’ts of Product Listing on your Website

Do’s & Don’ts of Product Listing on your Website

Product Display
Jul 04, 2023

When listing products in an e-commerce store, it's important to follow best practices and make strategic decisions.

Here are some tips:  

Plan before you start:

Take the time to plan your product listing strategy. Consider your target audience, product categories, attributes, and any specific requirements or guidelines for your e-commerce platform. Planning ahead will help you create a consistent and organized product listing structure.  

Don't use non-licensed photos:

It's essential to use high-quality product images that you have the rights to use. Avoid using non-licensed or copyrighted images without permission, as this can lead to legal issues. Use original product photos or obtain proper licenses for any images you use.  

Don't steal, use original content:

Plagiarism is a serious issue. Create original and unique product descriptions, avoiding copying content from other sources. This not only helps with search engine optimization (SEO) but also builds trust with customers and sets you apart from competitors.  

Import from CSV:

If you have a large number of products to list, consider using a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file to import your product data. This method allows you to create a spreadsheet with all the necessary product details, including titles, descriptions, prices, and attributes. Importing from a CSV can save time and ensure accuracy when listing multiple products. Start your online e-commerce store immediately on VistaShopee. Import your products through CSV and go live.

Start free:    

Import from Library:

If you have a product image library or repository, consider importing images directly from there into your e-commerce platform. This can help you manage and organize your images efficiently, ensuring consistency and easy access to visuals for each product.  

Use options and sub-options:

Depending on the complexity of your products, utilize options and sub-options to provide customization or variations. Options allow customers to choose different product attributes (e.g., size, color) while suboptions further refine those choices. Properly implementing options and suboptions can enhance the customer experience and simplify the purchasing process.  

Remember to optimize your product listings for SEO by using relevant keywords in titles, descriptions, and metadata. This can improve your website's visibility in search engine results and attract organic traffic.  

By following these practices, you can create a well-organized, visually appealing, and informative product listing experience for your customers, increasing the chances of conversions and customer satisfaction.

Your Website is Your Digital Office

Your Website is Your Digital Office

Jun 30, 2023

Indeed, a website can be considered a digital office or storefront on the internet. It serves as a virtual space where businesses, organizations, or individuals can showcase their products, services, and information to a global audience.  

Similar to a physical office or store, a website provides a centralized location where visitors can find relevant information, engage with the business or organization, and potentially make transactions or inquiries. It acts as a digital representation of a company or individual, often reflecting their brand identity, values, and offerings.  

A website typically includes various elements such as web pages, images, text content, contact information, forms, and interactive features. It can serve multiple purposes, such as:

Providing information:

Websites offer details about products, services, pricing, business hours, location, and any other relevant information that visitors may need.  

Showcasing products or portfolios:

Websites enable businesses and individuals to display their products, projects, or past work, allowing potential customers or clients to evaluate their offerings.

Facilitating communication:

Websites often include contact forms, email addresses, or live chat options to enable visitors to communicate directly with the business or organization.  

Enabling transactions: 

Websites can act as online stores, allowing customers to browse and purchase products or services directly from the website. Build an online store without coding and much technical knowledge on VistaShopee. 

Start Free:  

Building credibility and trust:

A well-designed and informative website can establish trust and credibility for a business or individual, as it demonstrates professionalism and a strong online presence.  

Marketing and promotion:

Websites are powerful tools for marketing and promoting products, services, events, or causes through search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media integration, and other digital marketing strategies.

It's worth noting that a website should be designed with user experience and accessibility in mind, ensuring that it is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and works well across different devices and screen sizes. Regular updates and maintenance are also crucial to keep the website secure, functional, and up-to-date with the latest information.

7 Reasons  Why eTail is Better than Retail

7 Reasons Why eTail is Better than Retail

Why VistaShopee
Jun 23, 2023

Choosing e-tail (electronic retail) over traditional retail (brick-and-mortar stores) can offer several advantages.

Here are some reasons why businesses may prefer e-tail:   Real Estate Cost: E-tail eliminates the need for physical storefronts, reducing or eliminating costs associated with renting or purchasing retail space. This can significantly lower expenses, especially in high-rent areas or prime locations.   

Infrastructure Cost:

Operating an online store requires a different infrastructure compared to a physical store. While initial setup costs may be involved, they are typically lower than setting up and maintaining a physical retail store, which requires fixtures, equipment, and ongoing maintenance.  

Inventory Cost:

E-tail allows for the implementation of drop-shipping or just-in-time inventory models. With these approaches, businesses can minimize or eliminate the need for storing and managing large amounts of inventory, reducing inventory holding costs.  

Employee Cost:

E-tail generally requires fewer employees compared to retail stores. With automation, self-service features, and streamlined processes, businesses can optimize operations with a leaner workforce, resulting in cost savings.  


E-tail provides businesses with a global reach. Online stores can be accessed by customers from anywhere, enabling businesses to expand their customer base beyond their local area. This broader reach opens up new market opportunities and increases the potential for sales growth. Get more reach with your online store Start it for free with VistaShopee  


E-tail often offers more streamlined management processes. Online platforms allow businesses to track and analyze customer data, monitor inventory, manage orders, and implement marketing strategies more efficiently. This can lead to improved decision-making and operational efficiency.  


E-tail offers the advantage of reselling products without the need for physical storage space. Businesses can reach a larger audience by listing products on online marketplaces or partnering with third-party retailers, increasing the chances of product visibility and sales.  

It's important to note that while e-tail provides numerous benefits, there are also challenges such as increased competition, technological requirements, and the need for effective digital marketing strategies. Each business should carefully consider its specific industry, target audience, and business model before choosing between e-tail and retail. Some businesses may find a hybrid approach, combining both online and offline channels, to be the most effective solution.

Unlocking Success: Choosing the Perfect Website for Your Thriving Business

Unlocking Success: Choosing the Perfect Website for Your Thriving Business

First Thing First
Jun 08, 2023

·Static Websites:

Static websites are composed of fixed web pages that display the same content to all visitors. The content of a static website is typically written in HTML and doesn't change unless manually updated by a web developer. They are suitable for simple websites with limited interactivity or frequent content updates.  

·Dynamic Websites:

Dynamic websites generate content dynamically based on user interactions or other factors. They often use server-side scripting languages, such as PHP or Python, and a database to retrieve and display data. Dynamic websites can provide personalized content, interactive features, and real-time updates.   ·         eCommerce Websites: As mentioned earlier, eCommerce websites are designed for online selling, allowing businesses to showcase and sell products or services. They include features like shopping carts, payment gateways, and order processing systems. VistaShopee is the best and most simplified eCommerce platform suitable for every business type.  

·eCommerce Websites with Apps:

These websites are accompanied by mobile applications that provide an additional platform for users to access and interact with the eCommerce store. The apps can enhance user experience, offer mobile-specific features, and facilitate convenient shopping on smartphones or tablets.

Check their live sites: Start your shop for free on VistaShopee:              

·B2B eCommerce Websites:

Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce websites focus on facilitating online transactions between businesses. They provide a platform for wholesalers, manufacturers, or distributors to sell products or services to other businesses. VistaShopee has the best B2B solution at a very affordable cost contact +91 9808 198 198  

·Aggregator Websites:

Aggregator websites gather information or content from various sources and present it in a unified manner. They can aggregate news articles, product listings, travel deals, or other data to provide users with a centralized and comprehensive view.  

·Multistore Website:

A multistore website refers to an eCommerce platform that allows the management and operation of multiple online stores from a single backend system. It enables businesses to operate multiple distinct stores with different branding, products, or target audiences.  

·eCommerce with Multi Storefront:

This type of eCommerce website allows businesses to have multiple front-end storefronts, each with a separate domain or URL, but sharing a common backend. It is useful for businesses that want to cater to different markets or segments with unique branding and user experiences.  

·Multi-Vendor Websites:

Multi-vendor websites, also known as online marketplaces, provide a platform for multiple sellers or vendors to sell their products or services. The website operator facilitates transactions, manages inventory, and earns a commission on sales made by the vendors.  

These various types of websites cater to specific business models, target audiences, or functionality requirements. It's important to consider the specific needs and goals of your project to determine the most suitable type of website.

8 Essentials for Effective product showcasing

8 Essentials for Effective product showcasing

Marketing Of Website
Jun 06, 2023

Effective product showcasing is crucial for capturing the attention of potential customers and persuading them to purchase your product. Here are some key strategies to ensure your product showcasing is effective:

1. Product showcasing with Categorized Products:

Organizing products into categories helps users navigate your website and find products easily. Categorization improves the user experience and makes it convenient for visitors to browse and locate specific items.

Start your e-commerce website on VistaShopee and add Unlimited Products under Unlimited categories. Take a free trial now:    

2. Product Photography:

High-quality product photography is essential for visually representing your products. Clear, well-lit, and detailed images help customers understand what they are purchasing and can positively impact their buying decisions.  

3. Name Products Effectively:

Choosing clear, descriptive, and compelling names for your products is crucial. Effective product names can convey the key features, benefits, or unique selling points, making them more appealing and memorable to customers.  

4. Product Descriptions:

Detailed and accurate product descriptions provide essential information about the features, specifications, dimensions, materials, and usage instructions. Descriptions should be engaging, and informative, and highlight the benefits and value of the product.  

5. Include Videos if Possible:

Product videos can enhance the product showcasing experience. Videos allow customers to see the product in action, demonstrate its features, and provide a better understanding of its usage, resulting in increased engagement and potential sales.  

6. Allow Comparison:

Enabling customers to compare products side by side helps them make informed purchase decisions. Comparison features allow users to evaluate the similarities and differences in product features, prices, or specifications, assisting them in selecting the most suitable option.  

7. Allow Brochure Downloads:

Offering downloadable brochures or product catalogs provide customers with additional information that they can review offline or share with others. Brochures can include comprehensive product details, specifications, images, and pricing information.  

8. Pricing Policies (Discounting):

Clearly communicating your pricing policies, including any discounts or promotional offers, is important. Customers should understand how prices are determined, any available discounts, and any specific terms or conditions associated with pricing.  

Implementing these practices on your website can enhance the overall user experience, improve product visibility, and increase the likelihood of customer engagement and conversions. Remember to tailor these practices to your specific business and industry to effectively showcase and market your products.

8 Benefits of Having Your own Website

8 Benefits of Having Your own Website

Why E-commerce
May 27, 2023

Having a website is highly beneficial for businesses in today's digital age.

Here are some reasons why businesses require websites:  

1. Online Presence: A website allows businesses to establish an online presence and be accessible to potential customers 24/7. It provides a platform to showcase products, services, and relevant information to a global audience.  

2. Credibility and trust: A well-designed and professional-looking website helps build credibility and trust with customers. It provides a central hub where customers can learn about the business, its offerings, and its track record. VistaShopee is the platform for you to have professionally designed websites in a minimum of 3 hours. Visit to know more: 

3. Marketing and visibility: A website is an essential tool for marketing and promotion. It enables businesses to implement various digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media integration, and email marketing to increase visibility and attract more customers.  

4. Customer convenience: A website offers convenience to customers by allowing them to learn about and engage with a business from the comfort of their own homes. Customers can browse products, make purchases, and access customer support without needing to visit a physical location.  

5. Expanded reach: With a website, businesses can extend their reach beyond local or regional boundaries. They can attract customers from different geographical locations and potentially tap into new markets.  

6. E-commerce capabilities: Many businesses can benefit from selling products or services online. A website provides the infrastructure to set up an online store, process transactions securely, and reach a larger customer base.  

7. Customer engagement: Websites offer interactive features such as contact forms, live chat, or comment sections, allowing businesses to engage with their customers directly. This helps in building relationships, addressing customer inquiries, and gathering feedback.  

8. Competitive advantage: In today's competitive business landscape, having a website is often expected. Businesses without a website may be at a disadvantage, as customers may perceive them as less credible or less technologically advanced compared to competitors with a strong online presence. Start free with VistaShopee Complete e-commerce solution for every business type:

It's important to note that a well-designed and functional website is crucial for reaping the benefits mentioned above. Hiring professionals or utilizing website-building platforms can help ensure that businesses have an effective online presence.

9 Effective Paths to Boost Sales with Testimonials

9 Effective Paths to Boost Sales with Testimonials

Marketing Of Website
May 26, 2023

Absolutely! Testimonials can be a powerful tool to build trust, and credibility, and increase sales on your website. Here's how you can effectively use testimonials to boost your sales:

1. Gather Genuine Testimonials:

Reach out to your satisfied customers and ask them to provide testimonials about their positive experiences with your products or services. Authentic testimonials carry more weight, so it's essential to collect genuine feedback from real customers.  

2. Display Testimonials Strategically:

Place testimonials prominently on your website. Ensure that they are visually appealing, easy to read, and well-formatted. Consider using a combination of text, photos, or videos for added impact.  

3. Highlight Key Benefits:

Feature testimonials that highlight the key benefits or outcomes customers have experienced by using your products or services. Showcase testimonials that address common pain points, specific features, or unique selling points to resonate with potential customers.  

4. Include Relevant Information:

Include the customer's name, location, and any relevant information that adds credibility to the testimonial. Adding a photo and a link to the customer's website or social media profile, with their permission, can further enhance authenticity.  

5. Diversify Testimonials:

Show a variety of testimonials from different types of customers, industries, or demographics. This helps potential customers relate to the experiences of others and see the broad appeal and effectiveness of your offerings.  

6. Video Testimonials:

Video testimonials can be particularly impactful as they allow customers to share their experiences in a more personal and engaging way. Consider including video testimonials where customers can express their satisfaction and talk about specific benefits they have gained.  

7. Case Studies:

In addition to testimonials, consider creating detailed case studies that showcase how your products or services have solved specific problems or delivered results for customers. Case studies provide in-depth information and can serve as powerful marketing tools.  

8. Regularly Update Testimonials:

Continuously collect and update testimonials to keep your website fresh and relevant. Regularly showcase new testimonials to demonstrate ongoing customer satisfaction and maintain a current representation of customer experiences.  

9. Seek Permission:

Always obtain permission from customers before using their testimonials on your website. Respect their privacy and ensure compliance with any applicable data protection regulations.

By incorporating testimonials strategically and authentically, you can build trust, overcome potential buyer objections, and ultimately increase sales by showcasing the positive experiences of your satisfied customers.

8 Ways to BOOST SALES with CROSS Selling

8 Ways to BOOST SALES with CROSS Selling

Marketing Of Website
May 25, 2023

Cross-selling is an effective marketing strategy that involves promoting related or complementary products to customers during their purchasing journey.

Implementing cross-selling techniques within your website can help increase sales, encourage repeat purchases, and enhance the overall customer experience. Here are some tips for marketing using cross-selling within your website:  

1. Analyse Customer Behaviour:

Use website analytics and customer data to identify patterns and understand customer behavior. Analyse purchase history, browsing habits, and product affinity to determine which products are frequently purchased together or complement each other.  

2. Strategic Product Placement:

Place cross-sell recommendations strategically on product pages, shopping carts, or during the checkout process. Show relevant cross-sell suggestions to customers based on their current selection or browsing history to increase the likelihood of additional purchases.  

3. Personalization and Recommendations:

Leverage personalization algorithms and recommendation engines to display tailored cross-sell suggestions to individual customers. Utilize customer preferences, past purchases, and browsing data to provide personalized product recommendations that align with their interests and needs.  

4. Highlight Benefits and Value:

Clearly communicate the benefits and value of the cross-sell products to customers. Highlight how the suggested products complement or enhance their original purchase, offering convenience, improved functionality, or a complete solution.  

5. Offer Discounts or Bundles:

Encourage cross-selling by providing incentives such as discounts or bundled pricing. Offering a discount when customers purchase a complementary product can incentivize them to add it to their cart.  

6. Customer Reviews and Social Proof:

Include customer reviews and testimonials for cross-selling products to build trust and credibility. Positive reviews can influence customers' decision-making and increase the likelihood of adding the suggested products to their purchase.  

7. Clear and Intuitive User Interface:

Ensure that the cross-sell suggestions are displayed prominently and in a user-friendly manner. Make it easy for customers to understand and add the suggested products to their order with clear call-to-action buttons or links.  

8. Test and Iterate:

Continuously test and optimize your cross-selling strategies. Monitor the performance of different cross-sell techniques, placement options, and product combinations to determine what works best for your audience. Iterate and refine your approach based on customer feedback and data analysis.  

Remember to strike a balance between promoting relevant cross-sell products and overwhelming customers with excessive recommendations. The goal is to enhance the shopping experience and provide additional value, rather than coming across as pushy or intrusive.  

By effectively implementing cross-selling techniques within your website, you can increase customer engagement, drive additional sales, and maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

10 Ways to Boost Sale with Offer Banners

10 Ways to Boost Sale with Offer Banners

Why VistaShopee
May 22, 2023

Offer banners on your website can be an effective way to grab attention, create urgency, and boost sales. Here are some tips for using offer banners to increase sales on your website:  

1.  Clear and Eye-Catching Design:

Design your offer banners to be visually appealing and attention-grabbing. Use contrasting colors, bold typography, and high-quality graphics to make the banner stand out on your website.  

2.  Concise and Compelling Messaging:

Keep the message on your offer banner clear, concise, and compelling. Use persuasive language to highlight the value proposition and benefits of the offer. For example, phrases like "Limited Time Offer," "Exclusive Discount," or "Free Shipping" can create a sense of urgency and entice customers to take action.  

3.  Strategic Placement:

Place your offer banners in strategic locations on your website where they are highly visible to visitors. Consider placing banners at the top of the homepage, in the header or footer, or on product category pages to ensure maximum exposure.  

VistaShopee Ecommerce Website Platform has ready website themes that take care of this strategic placement of offer banners, no coding required and it’s a time saver too. Take a free trial right now:

4.  Segment Your Offers:

Tailor your offer banners to specific product segments or target audiences. Personalize the offers based on customer preferences, past purchase history, or browsing behavior. This approach can make the offers more relevant and increase the chances of conversion.  

On VistaShopee is a perfect Platform designed to handle this where you can actually set offers on all products or to specific categories or even consider a particular product alone.

5.  A/B Testing:

Test different variations of offer banners to identify the most effective designs, messaging, and placements. Conduct A/B testing by displaying different versions of banners to different segments of your audience, and analyze the results to determine which banners drive the highest engagement and sales.  

6.  Limited-Time Offers:

Create a sense of urgency by using limited-time offers in your banners. Display the expiration date of the offer to encourage customers to take immediate action.  

7.  Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons:

Include a prominent and clickable CTA button on the offer banner. Use compelling action words like "Shop Now," "Get Discount," or "Claim Offer" to encourage customers to click through and make a purchase.  

8.  Mobile Optimization:

Ensure that your offer banners are fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices. With the increasing use of smartphones for online shopping, it's crucial to provide a seamless browsing and purchasing experience across all devices.  

9.  Personalized Recommendations:

Combine offer banners with personalized product recommendations. Display related products or upsell opportunities alongside the offer banner to entice customers to explore more options and potentially increase their order value.  

10.  Track and Measure Performance:

Implement tracking mechanisms to measure the performance of your offer banners. Monitor click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated from each banner. This data will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions for future optimizations.  

By using offer banners strategically, you can capture customers' attention, drive conversions, and increase sales on your website. Remember to continuously test, analyze, and refine your offer banners to maximize their impact and relevance to your target audience.

Grow Your Business by promoting it through Bulk Whats App Messaging Use  VistaShopee App

Grow Your Business by promoting it through Bulk Whats App Messaging Use VistaShopee App

Marketing Of Website
Feb 25, 2023

Taking business online is a first step of your business going Digital.

To grow this business digitally you have to consider omni channel marketing; where you should be doing regular 'on-field marketing' along with 'digital marketing' through different platforms like social media, google advertisements and paid promotions as well.

Sending informative as well as promotional messages to customers is what bring new customers to you. Reach to your customer on the platforms they are currently in, like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and WhatsApp.

68% People in India are using what's app for regular communication.

Take it as an opportunity for you to start promoting & marketing your business on this most preferred media WhatsApp.

Many desktop based tools / dashboards / solutions are available in the market. Be specific while choosing them. You may find some of them are costly and some are not at all user friendly and over and above they can not be managed through Mobile Phone.

You can't be always in front of your computer sitting and working.

VistaShopee is a Marketing App for every business type which allows you to send bulk whats app messaging through Mobile.

It is the most organic way to send whatsapp bulk messages with no technical hazards.

 Why VistaShopee

  • Send Bulk Messages organically through What'sApp

  • Make the messages interactive with rich media like Image, document, Videos

  • Create and Save them as Campaigns

  • Maintain customer and prospect data group wise that will help you to send specific messages to specific group of people

  • Send to saved contacts or Unsaved contacts too

  • Make Unlimited Campaigns Repeat the Campaign with another group of contacts

  • Pause and re-start ongoing campaign as and when needed

  • Sending is organic and Number Blocking is not a problem anymore

  • Choose between Regular and Business What'sApp while sending in case you have both on your Mobile Phone

VistaShopee 3.0 is LIVE!

VistaShopee 3.0 is LIVE!

Why VistaShopee
Dec 20, 2022

The New Version of VistaShopee is here!

Now it is more Smarter, More Easier , and More Faster and very Affordable for everyone.

Experience the Newest and Hottest version of the VistaShopee App with which you can do most of the things possible for your business going online.

VistaShopee is for Every Industry, Every Size & Every Stage of business.

VistaShopee 3.0 gives you a smoother approach to selling your goods, showcasing your service, getting order notifications, getting inquiry notifications, Creating your digital identity with your interactive Digital card, business communication in the form of letterheads, brochures, etc., and much more. 

What's New?


Whether you are a Manufacturer or running a Home Business, This is a Single Stop Solution for each & every business present in the market.

Businesses related to any industry type like Restaurants, Corporate professionals, Home Businesses, B2B Businesses, and Grocery stores, from skilled professionals to skilled workers / jobers, Everyone can take their business online in a few minutes with VistShopee.

  • Digital Visiting Card for Everyone:

Go Paperless Go Online!

VistaShopee 3.0 is loaded with Digital Visiting card templates in multiple designs and color options for Business and Personal uses.

A card with complete details of your business, and profession to share and the option of ‘direct save to contact’ for the receiver. Allow Your Prospects / Clients to connect with you by Mobile, Email, Visit you, or connect on any Social Media with the clickable business card.

A business card that carries a link to your Branded App & website created through VistaShopeeGet a Shortcut to Contacts just by scanning a card and it will get saved automatically with the required fields.

  • Your Own App:

Your App Your Identity!

Your presence in everyone’s mobile in the form of an App with your Logo! Yes, you heard it right.

With VistaShopee App you can create your own App that will reserve a space in your prospects’ / customers’ mobile.

The app with your Products & Categories is shown in different layouts and styles.

An App matching your brand or logo.

  • A website with App:

A Website and an App! 

Now with VistaShopee 3.0, your website gets ready automatically along with your App.

Both the App and the website are synced together and always updated whenever changes are made.    

VistShopee 3.0 also provides extra features like:

  • Instant Marketing Collaterals Share Your Product / Service InformationSpread.

  • Latest updates to your ContactMaintain updated Assets; and share Instantly.

  • Maintain Relations with Existing Customers by sending personalized Greetings.

VistaShopee 3.0 is everything you need for your online business. 

Download now or upgrade your existing app NOW! 

Click on the link below and Start your online journey Today! 

Give Wings to Your business with

VistaShopee V/s Dukaan - Which is the Best Platform to Build Ecommerce Website ?

VistaShopee V/s Dukaan - Which is the Best Platform to Build Ecommerce Website ?

E-commerce for Industries
Nov 21, 2022

When we share the features of VistaShopee it seems that they are ought to be there. But in all honesty, most other apps do not have the range of features that we offer. To bring this in the proper light, we are beginning this section called VistaShopee vs Other Apps.

Stay tuned to see how our features make life easier for all our customers.

A little about both the Apps

VistaShopee  is the most affordable, flexible, easy-to-manage content-driven platform for any size of business in any industry whether you are out to create a website or a mobile application in order to market your products and services. We created VistaShopee with a long-term objective to help you get your business online in order to reach old and new customers in and outside your city.

Dukaan was launched during the pandemic when people couldn’t step out to get things. This app definitely gave a glimmer of hope at a time when residents were forced to stay indoors and shopkeepers were not allowed to keep their shops open. It definitely is going to stay as it helps shopkeepers connect with their customers online. But naturally, they want to cater to people living in their own vicinity.

Features in detail

Product Showcase

VistaShopee offers more details with the facility to upload multiple images for every single product. Dukaan offers limited images for every product. So VistaShopee works for you whether you own your own business or have a retail shop but Dukaan was made with retailers in mind.


VistaShopee has inbuilt SEO where H1, H2 are automatically taken care of and there is a simplified way to add page-wise titles, meta descriptions, keywords, Alt Text & embed tag manager. With Dukaan you will need plugins for the same which actually comes at an extra cost.

Transaction Fee

Dukaan charges you a per transaction fee which VistaShopee doesn’t charge at all. In fact, VistaShopee has a fee that you may pay monthly or annually.

Business Category

VistaShopee platform is a hybrid type whereas Dukaan suits retailers. VistaShopee is flexible to be used by freelancers, startups, SMEs, agencies, and even enterprises whereas Dukaan has fewer categories and limited usage.

Marketing Tool

VistaShopee brings with itself a FREE SMART Marketing Tool that enables the SMART App to connect to your website keeping the marketing team always updated with price changes, brochures, catalogs, and much more. Dukaan doesn’t have this kind of facility.

User Interface

VistaShopee user interface is very simple and makes it easy to use for anyone whereas the Dukaan User Interface is not so user-friendly. 

With the comparison in detail, it will be easy for you to choose the app that will make your life more convenient in the future.

Grab More Eyeballs in this Festive Season with an Online Sale

Grab More Eyeballs in this Festive Season with an Online Sale

Marketing Of Website
Oct 21, 2022

Indian businesses flourish during Diwali as everyone wants to indulge their family and themselves with gifts galore. The discounts on almost everything and a strong intent to buy ensures that everyone goes home happy. But do the rules change if you have an online store? Not really, just make a few adjustments and you can launch a discount on your website or app hosted on VistaShopee.

Expand your Product Range

The festive season is the time to sell more products than normal. See if your products are fit to be gifted or you can add something to make it the perfect gift.

If you are already selling home décor, see if you can include lighting or include fancy lighting just for the season.

But keep these points in mind if you’re expanding your product range just before Diwali. As these products are easy to procure, easy to transport, and cost-effective.

Offer Discounts

It’s a quick way to attract new customers and also entice existing ones. This also helps you with reducing the cart abandonment rate. You can also bundle the slow-moving products along with fast-moving ones. Remember to create a banner on your website, social media handles, and app to inform old and new customers.

Give this Online Sale the Social Media Push

If you’ve made up your mind on having a sale, ensure you create a buzz around it on your social media channels as well. Apart from announcing the sale, you can also run contests, use dedicated hashtags and announce the winners.

Improve your Customer Service

When you’re boosting your sales, you cannot afford to have a lazy customer support. Pep up to deal with more customer queries, grievances, and quick replies.

Simplify Payment Experience

Ensure your payment gateway accepts the most preferred methods of payment like credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets.

Use Email Marketing

You can inform your existing customers and prospective customers about the sale via emails. Ensure you use this tool to detail out the discounts and offers.

Website Content Updation

Ensure your homepage and most other pages highlight the deals you want to offer. You can add themes, banners, and other elements to give your online store a festive feel. Most pages should have a mention or banner talking about the discounts. You can even add a Diwali Blog.

Surprise Gifts

We all love surprises; you can include a surprise with every delivery. It could even be a discount voucher for the next purchase or a small gift.

How VistaShopee Assists you with a Festive Sale

The backend of VistaShopee is very robust and built to host multiple online stores. So, as an online business owner, you can create the offer of your dream.

-You can reduce the price by a certain amount or percentage or even change the discount depending on the cart value, total invoice, or even invoice minimum value can be a parameter for discounts.

-You even have the flexibility to offer a different percentage discount for different types of products.

-Create promo codes to be able to manage the various offers.

-Repeat code usage can be limited user-wise.

-You can flash the offers on the website and app via banners.

-You can pre-decide the duration of your offer and its visibility on your online shop.

4 Steps for Consistent Posting on Social Media

4 Steps for Consistent Posting on Social Media

Marketing Of Website
Aug 16, 2022

Social Media is very fast-paced in nature since one could see many people and brands saying a lot of things all the time, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the kind of content people post each day. Also, since people follow many people and multiple brands, they may get many feeds that the content we post may slide away from them pretty fast.

So, to keep appearing in people’s feeds and to attain top of the mind recall, branding efforts and consistent posting on social media are extremely essential.

Remember not to post very often as you may overwhelm your audience with posts and they may unfollow you.

While consistent posting on social media is important, similarly consistency in aesthetics is also equally essential. A consistent set of design and colors help people easily recognize your brand. Similar voice or tonality is also another thing you must maintain.

Here are the 4 Steps you can follow for Consistent Posting on Social Media

1. Plan Ahead in Advance

Pick a day to plan your social media posts.

Ensure you plan for the entire month. Try and sit for this planning at least a week or 10 days prior to the next month.

Make separate posts for -

  • Products
  • Features
  • USPs
  • Service
  • Occasions & festivals
  • Events

You can also create themes or topics for every week. This helps in the consistency and frequency of posting.

Save links and use them as inspiration

Look at your competitors and learn from them

2. Create Batches

Once your planning is in place, create posts.

Use VistaShopee to create posts quickly. We have a huge range of templates for occasions, themes, and regular posts. All you need to do is change images, alter the copy, add your logo and you’re good to go.

Try to create posts for the entire week in one go.

3. Automate Posting

Try using an automating tool. You can always use the Meta Business Suite on Facebook and schedule for both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. You can also use other free tools to post on LinkedIn or Twitter or other platforms.

4. Respond Regularly

Ensure you reply to all the messages you get on social media. You may appoint someone to do this like an office employee who has a basic understanding of your business and this person can contact you for an appropriate reply and post the reply on your behalf.

Ensure you are learning from the feedback you are getting. Every response whether positive or not is giving you something important to learn from.

Use Google Reviews or other reviews you get on your site or social media to make posts. People like to see real people’s updates and resonate more with genuine feedback.

Remember that consistent posting on social media is something you want to achieve, but may not happen immediately. It takes time and a lot of effort from your end. But remember, all these efforts always pay back. Remember to use VistaShopee to create quick and impressive posts for your social media channels.

FAQs Section on the Website - A Muted Customer Support

FAQs Section on the Website - A Muted Customer Support

Marketing Of Website
Aug 09, 2022

Frequently asked questions, more popularly referred to as FAQs are a great way to improve the customer experience of your website. It allows you to clear all the doubts your customers may have about your product or service. It has several other benefits to having FAQs on your website.

It gives you an excellent opportunity to communicate with one of the most important visitors to your site – those who are in the process of decision-making. One of the biggest reasons for users not converting is a lack of more information or unanswered questions. The FAQs page definitely takes care of that.

FAQs Section on the website is Effective Because:

They improve the user journey by addressing the real needs of your customers. FAQs ensure your website gets high-quality and relevant traffic. They increase the time people spend on your website and the conversion rate. FAQs are also a piece of relevant content that can improve your ranking performance.

VistaShopee helps with a simple and effective FAQs section on the website

When you make a site or an app with VistaShopee you can also create a simple FAQs section on the website. VistaShopee allows you to add questions and answers one by one. You can also add the questions and fill in the answers later on. Or add a few questions, to begin with and you can always add in more FAQs later on. With VistaShopee you can also change the sequence of the questions depending on the queries.

The FAQs section on the website not only helps in displaying all the questions in one place but also helps with improving the ranking of the page. Regular updates also help you improve the keyword selection and hence an improvement in the ranking of the page.

Make your FAQs section on the website even more Effective

Make it easy to find – Don’t change the title of the FAQs page at any point. People will be looking for FAQs and will not understand if you write titles like ‘Know More’ or ‘Good to Know.’

Write from the customer’s point of view – Instead of ‘Can you gift a voucher?’ write ‘Can I buy a gift voucher for someone else?’

Use the question-answer format – Sounds obvious but simply answer the question and help the customer.

Keep your answers short – Most of your customers are looking for a simple and straight answer. Just give it to them.

Give the actual answer instead of a link – It’s great to have cross-links to another section but don’t just leave the link instead of the answer. Give out the answer and then put the link for more detailed information. For e.g. if the question is about return policy don’t just give the link to read the lengthy details. Please write a shorter version of the return policy and then insert the link for more information.

Start your answers with a yes or a no – You may follow it up with details but ensure you give a clear and concise answer.

Avoid using jargon – Ensure your answers are simple and without any confusing jargon or technical terms.

Insert long-tail keywords – This section is perfect to utilize long-tail keywords without sounding repetitive or boring. It will help with your search engine ranking as well.

Add branding elements – Apart from the regular questions you can even have a question on your brand name, logo, or tagline. A simple, concise answer will help your clients connect with you better.

Take your time in making your FAQs section on the website. With VistaShopee i t can be easily a consistent effort. A good FAQs page can convince new customers, close sales, and save your time from answering repetitive questions.

How to Increase Ecommerce Website Traffic Without Ad Spending

How to Increase Ecommerce Website Traffic Without Ad Spending

Marketing Of Website
Jul 08, 2022

A Big Question arising after starting an Ecommerce store online is How to Increase Ecommerce Website Traffic Without Spending on Ads? Read to know How!

At VistaShopee, we like to help our customers at every stage of setting up their eCommerce site. No wonder, we would like to guide you even after the site is up and running. We know the pain when suddenly your website traffic hits a plateau.

Don’t expect a sudden stream of traffic. Instead, consistent effort will bring you a steady stream regularly. Here’s a list that you can follow on How to increase ecommerce website traffic and see how you attract customers.

Create Original Content

When you set up an online store, you must have understood how your audience thinks. Keep this in mind and create meaningful and relevant content.

Create a video post

Make a list of things to do

Give it a compelling headline

Create a resource centre – with amazing visuals, infographics, downloadable guides, how to videos and more.

Get a guest blogger – they bring in a fresh perspective and also brings people from their network.

Add social share buttons on the blog page so users can share relevant articles on their WhatsApp or Facebook or LinkedIn.

In this age, we know that content is king and only good and relevant content also known as lead magnets are going to bring back traffic.

Employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A big thing that comes when the question arises how to increase organic traffic on ecommerce website without spending on Ads is SEO. When using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), remember to work up on a list of target keywords. In fact, what works better is long tail keywords. These targeted keywords are more unique and closer to what people are looking for on the web.

But that’s not enough. You need to place the target keywords in the following locations.

Title tag (meta title)

H1 heading

At least two H2 headings

Thankfully, for you in VistaShopee the product name and product descriptions automatically get tagged under H1 and H2 respectively.

Naturally in the body

The first 100 words

Image file names and alt text

With VistaShopee the alt text option is available for main as well as all images that you add to the website.

Meta Description

When we say meta description, we don’t mean to stuff it with keywords. Optimize these pieces for better organic clicks.

Meta title: Keep this up to 60 characters or less value, with the keyword close to the beginning, and indicate some sort of value or benefit.

Meta description: Keep this between 155-165 characters, indicate the value the reader will get out of the post, and make it actionable.

Create Internal Links

Have at least 2-3 links to other product pages or other blog pages. In case you don’t have time to come up with new articles or new blogs you can often refresh an earlier content. Add new information and stats to it, replace the visuals with new ones, add new or more recent content, add new keywords and tweak your meta title and meta description.

Use Social Media

When you’re planning your social media calendar, ensure you promote products, new ones and old ones, as well as blogs. See what is in trend and promote those products. These will naturally have the product link and your followers will be able to come to your online store. Improve the reach of your posts by using relevant and popular hashtags.

On Instagram, you can have a shorter link like a link that you can customize so users can easily type it and reach the destination page.

Drive Excitement

Have regular engagement like discounts, offers, and coupon codes to drive traffic to your online store.

Use Emailers

While a welcome emailer is a good beginning, ensure it is not the only email you send to your customers. Offers or new products will always excite your customers and bring them back to your website.

Store traffic is essential for e-Commerce sales and business growth. Now that you’ve read how to get a steady stream of traffic to your e-store, it’s time to get these into action. You can start implementing the above-mentioned tactics and you will get the answer the question how to increase website traffic to your ecommerce website without spending a penny on paid ads.

Understand your audience, deliver the right content, and watch your traffic grow. But remember, don’t do a half-hearted effort. Begin each of these only when you’re ready to dedicate time and effort.

Stay tuned, for more usable information from VistaShopee!

Realistic Ecommerce Product Photos – The Silent Salesman

Realistic Ecommerce Product Photos – The Silent Salesman

Marketing Of Website
Jun 29, 2022

A picture is worth a thousand words, we would say, also multiple emotions. This is clearly visible in ecommerce where the entire sale is mostly attributed to image quality and realistic pictures. Know how realistic ecommerce product photos play an important role of the silent salesman in generating more sales for your online ecommerce store.

Pictures take the role of the silent salesman and show all aspects of the product, like how it looks, how it looks from the rear view or the side, what is the size, how it is used and more. Thereby, showcasing the overall qualities through pictures. Realistic ecommerce product photos not only convince your customers to buy it but also ensure that the customers easily don't slide away from the site.

One important aspect of ecommerce is generating trust in the product, the brand and the seller. Images, especially when uploaded realistic, play a role of the silent salesman and helps to build trust and with good service it only cements it further. VistaShopee  urges you to be as realistic as possible while taking product images and brings to you a few tips to ace the product photography game.

Allow Customers to See your Products Fully

The whole point is to let your customers see the product in its entire form and analyze the size of the product.

  • Take multiple shots from various angles
  • Take zoomed-in images to showcase details
  • For smaller items, display it next to a ruler or something for users to understand the actual size – most people are not good at knowing what 3 cm x 4 cm would actually mean
  • Ensure the product is clicked in well lit place

Have 360-degree Product Video/Image

This may require the skills of an actual photographer but it’s worth it to have a professional do this for you. You may test a few products with 360-degree videos to see how they respond. Mostly, the response is always positive and it up scales your business. Online customers enjoy viewing a product in the video format clearly defining the product features.

Avoid Filters

For few minutes the image may look good and appealing but it adds to the negative point when looked from the point of sales. People easily can find out which image is real and which one is beautified. Unreal images can be the breaking point to lose out the trust level on the part of customers. Rather, realistic ecommerce product photos gain trust.

Use Explainer Videos for Technical Products

If you’re selling a tee, you may not need this but if you’re selling a gadget like mobile, washing machine or refrigerator then an explainer video is a must. Explainer video helps your customers understand the product features in depth and eases their purchase decision process.

All our experts at VistaShopee are of the view that the quality of product photography can make or break the sale. Hence, ensuring good and realistic ecommerce product photos are available and up on your online store is as important as maintaining the stock.

Hire a Photographer

Hiring a photographer is by far the easiest and best method to ensure that you have good quality, realistic ecommerce product photos. The professionals already know their job and they have a hand on experience in capturing a product photo. You may even keep an in-house photographer who would be available every time you have a new line-up of products.

Use your DSLR Camera or Smartphone

In case you have a good camera, you can polish your photography skills. Or use any smartphone with a 12 MP Camera or more.

One thing you must practice as an ecommerce seller is reviewing the feedback or frequently asked questions (FAQs). This may lead you to even better pictures. With all these points in mind, you can ensure that pictures become the silent salesman and they become competent enough to make the sale for you.

6 Effective Ways on How to Market Your Ecommerce store

6 Effective Ways on How to Market Your Ecommerce store

Marketing Of Website
May 10, 2022

Starting an online store is definitely a good decision for any business owner. In this digital age, it is the need of the hour for every business to have an online presence. And when it comes to eCommerce having an online store is of greater importance since today majorly customers prefer to buy products within the four walls of their homes, scrolling down products and adding them to their cart. In fact today many eCommerce platforms have arrived making it easier for businesses to start selling online in just simple steps.

But having an online store up and running is just a small milestone that you must have achieved in your online business journey. 

Let’s understand this with a story,

John owns a business in his locality that attracts visitors from far and wide. People love his products, so he decides to open an online store to drive more people to buy from him. After creating and launching his store, however, he doesn’t see many sales.

What’s John missing? Promoting his online store! Without marketing your online store, people will not be able to find your store. You need to promote your store online, so more people discover your product, get encouraged to buy more, and shop regularly.

So the first step to success is promoting your online store. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways how you can create awareness & promote your online store.

A Complete Website that Highlights Products in Style

First of all, check whether your website is fully complete right from the designing part to the content as well as the product uploading. As your website is the heart of your online marketing efforts. All the marketing efforts which you are going to conduct are finally going to end up with visitors landing on your online store website.

So your website should be easily approachable, clutter-free, and not to forget the overall look and feel of the store that instantly impresses the visitor with highly qualified product images used. 

However, this point is usually overlooked but it is the most important thing to consider that you must make your customer's shopping experience delightful. Customers should be able to easily navigate their way to the right product for which they are finding for.

Your website is the gateway to creating that first impression that will initiate a purchase decision and in case if it fails to impress then customers would slide away within seconds and would never return back.

How to Market Your Ecommerce Store - 6 Effective Ways

1. Create your Social Media Presence

Having a social media account for your online store is a must and it is the highly anticipated promotional strategy that is followed by almost every other online business owner. For this, you need to create an account for your online store across all relatable social media platforms.

Obviously not every platform must be suitable for your business, you need to be visible on those platforms where your target audience is active the most as it is said that “ Visibility is the Key to Success” – the more you are visible the more you get business.

You need to have a uniform communication across social media accounts and should maintain a consistent activity with your postings. Your post must contain a mix of image and video posts with attractive and interactive content to develop engagement with your followers.

Today social media is not just limited to only communication and interaction platforms but is also a great source to know what your customers are talking about, what are their needs, and accordingly, you can come up with a product that suits their requirements. Even you can analyze your competitors and their presence online and then plan your strategies to stand ahead of them.

2. Start Building Blogs

Another great way to promote your online store is with a Blog. By publishing frequent high-quality content, you can help more people find your shop through search engines.

Writing blogs for your online store also gives you the power and a source to talk more about your products, their benefits as well as why you started your online store, and what your brand stands for. You can write content that helps answer questions to potential buyers. 

Blogs give you the opportunity to showcase your expertise through product guides, tutorials, and product comparison post that features your and your competitor's products. Blogging is a fantastic affordable and scalable promotional strategy that any new online store owner must opt for. The most ideal suggestion would be that you can publish one or two blogs per week. The more consistent you are, the better the results will be.

3. Optimize your site for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or how easy it is for search engines to find your site when someone is looking for a store like yours. The easier it is for the search engine to find your website, the more chances are for you to show up on the search results page.

To ensure you optimize your site for SEO certain things you must keep in mind that your website must contain the language that your customers might use naturally while searching for any product or service.  Pay attention to On-Page activities that you are going to perform throughout your website. To help you with this VistaShopee provides an inbuilt SEO tool such as Header, Title Tags, Meta Description, Meta keywords, and Alt text which you can add to every page.

Meta tags are important as well. Title tags, which are like headlines for a search engine, help the search engine figure out what each page is about. Each page of your website should have its own unique title tag. Meta descriptions are short summaries of each page. When your site shows up on a search engine results page, users will see your title tag and meta description before anything else.

4. Offer Special Promotion to Entice People

Indians are very price-conscious and have a high need for bargaining. They are constantly on the lookout for any exciting deals or offers and when they come across to your online store offering a special discount or coupon they would instantly get excited to buy your product.

Running discounts with promo codes encourages customers to try out the product for the first time as the cost risk factor is low. Try to spread these promotional deals on social media or run a  special contest like spin the wheel or QnA type of games to generate engagement and drive more users to visit your store and take the advantage of your discounts or coupons.

To help you generate more sales online VistaShopee lets you set interesting offer prices and discounts with promo codes to induce online visitors to make product purchases. And guess what? Offer Banners on your website work best to flaunt big deals that instantly click with the visitor to convert.

5. Utilize the Power of Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers or content creators are those individuals whose followers are larger than a normal person but smaller than a celebrity. They hold the power to easily influence people's decision-making behavior.

Finding the perfect social influencer can boost your website visits and can improve your brand awareness. Sending free samples of your products to such influencers will allow them to know and appreciate your product. Not only this certain effective strategies like influencers guest blogging for your website, and promoting products on their platform can simply help to develop the much needed trust and credibility among new customers

6. Attend Online webinars or In-person Exhibitions to Spread the Word

Get yourself involved in webinars and discussions to let everyone know about your new online store. Participate in exhibitions and leverage your expertise to get the word out about your business.

Set banners and standees to showcase what your new store has in for everyone and also keep your website link handy to share with everyone so that they can visit your store and explore.

Final Thoughts

Building just a website will not be enough for you to generate sales. Promotion is the key to the success of any online store. You'll need to use different digital marketing techniques and a long-term marketing plan to stand out from the competitors and gain market share in the eCommerce world. 

After all, the ultimate purpose of promoting your online business is to reach your potential customers, Convince customers about your products and services, Build trust and entice customers to buy.  The more effort you put into marketing your products, the more likely it is that customers will decide to buy from you. Customers can't buy what they can't see.

8 Steps on How to make a Successful Online Store

8 Steps on How to make a Successful Online Store

Why E-commerce
Apr 30, 2022

As we enter into the world of eCommerce gradually, we realized that eCommerce has become the next hottest trend and it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Well, post covid many businessmen have switched over to an online mode of conducting businesses and since then competition in the eCommerce market is getting intensified at a higher level. While consumers across the globe enjoy shopping online within the four walls of their homes and the plethora of eCommerce platforms available in the market, these are the two greatest boiling factor that has influenced businesses to go online.

For, if you intend to start doing business online, you’ll have to ensure that your customers have the most enjoyable and seamless experience possible. That means having a good website, appealing product images, great marketing tools, customer support, and many more.

Now let’s talk about the 8 steps or best practices you can employ to give consumers a reason to fall for your store and make it a Successful eCommerce/Online Store.

8 Steps on How to make a Successful Online Store

1. A Well-Designed Website

Your website is the gateway to defining the first impression in the minds of your potential online visitors. No matter how aesthetically appealing your website is, it must be clutter-free and everything should be in its place. Your online store must be navigational-friendly to avoid confusion. Easy navigation helps users find their desired products easily from the category page, read reviews, compare them, and then make payments easily.

You must arrange your products category-wise, making it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for. For instance, with VistaShopee, you get the power to add unlimited categories for your products ensuring a smooth customer purchase journey from product surfing to a product purchase.

2. Great Products

High-quality, reliable products, and services are at the heart of every successful eCommerce store. Your product should solve an unmet customer need or challenge. You must also offer the products at a compelling price point.

Today's customers are considered as 'Smart Shoppers' they are always on the lookout for a high-quality product that is reasonable in price. And when it comes to online shopping they are more vigilant about the brand from whom they are purchasing, so your overall brand as an excellent quality online store must stand out from the rest.

Thus your product quality and pricing can make or break your eCommerce store. Do some market research to get some idea about what are the customers likes and dislikes, which products your competitors are selling as well as the market value of similar items.

3. Identify your Target Audience

Getting your eCommerce store up and running seems an easy task, but your eCommerce store is said to be successful only when you pull out some adequate quality traffic to your site and once you start generating online sales. For this process, you obviously need to identify your online target audience such as what people search the most on the search engine? How often do they buy online? Which product do they find comfortable buying online? And most importantly what do you want to serve your customers?

For this, you must define your absolute target audience to help attract loyal and influential customers. Instead of chasing after buyers who are not interested in your product, focus your marketing efforts on an audience that will appreciate your online store and your products and would like to keep coming back.

4. Quality Product Images and Compelling Description

The first impression online customers get of your products is from the images on your website, and you might not get another chance to impress if your images don't match the quality of your product. This is especially the case with an online eCommerce store. While in the case of a physical store your customers would easily get to touch, hold and even sometimes try out the product to ascertain the quality of the product.

But for online shoppers, do not get this opportunity. They wholly and solely relied on the Product images and the description that explains the know-how of the product. Fail at either one, the potential online customer will slide away and never return back.

The higher the quality of your product images the more your customers would get enticed to buy your product. For instance, if you create your online store with VistaShopee  you can add multiple product images from every angle to showcase your products in style. In fact, in your eCommerce store product images acts as a silent salesman all set to seal the deal with your potential online visitor.

5. Efficient Customer Support

A modern online store needs attentive and thorough customer support. As your business grows in complexity you'll need to meet a broader range of customer queries. Whenever any online visitor lands on your website it's a desired thing they might arise with some questions related to your business or the products you offer.

For this, your online store website must have an easy-to-find self-help section to save your customers time. Some stores even introduce a FAQ page with all the most asked questions along with their valid answers to it. Such kind of FAQ page actually cut down your major chunks of the cost that would go into customer support.

Also, these days many top online shopping stores are using AI-powered chatbots. Instead of experiencing the hassle of calling and emailing, customers can ask the chatbot or virtual assistant to resolve their queries related to delivery, defective products, refund, etc.

With VistaShopee you get robust customer support tools to always acknowledge your customers 'first' such as the facility to add an FAQ page and even incorporate WhatsApp (a widely used chatting app) or a LIVE chatbot called ''.

You just need to remember acknowledging your existing, as well as potential customers on time, always takes you a long way towards creating a loyal customer base that would act upon promoting or recommending your online store to others.

6. Multiple Payment Options

It’s just common sense — if customers are offered the chance to pay using the method they prefer, they’re more likely to go through with their purchase. That’s why it’s important that you allow your would-be customers to choose from an assortment of different payment options. Not to let go off the cash on delivery feature as plenty of folks still prefer the COD facility.

With the rise of digital wallets and UPIs, consumers have a variety of payment options. Earlier, eCommerce transactions were more based on cash on delivery due to a lack of trust or the need for product transactions.

Due to the demonetization drive, more and more Indians have started using electronic payments. With many eCommerce companies investing heavily in strengthening the online security for payments, more and more consumers are using online modes for shopping VistaShopee has many popular payment gateways pre-integrated like Razorpay, CC Avenue, PayU, Instamojo, PayTM, Cashfree, etc enabling you to accept payment through Debit/Credit card, Net Banking, Wallets, UPI’s.

7. Easy Checkout Process

According to a study from the Baymard Institute, 27% of customers who abandoned their carts during checkout did so because the checkout process was too long or complicated.

The purchase decision of many customers is dependent upon the number of steps required to go through the payment process and the available payment options to choose from.

Lengthy processes while checking out can cause a loss of trillions in a single year. Most visitors exit websites right from the cart if the payment process gets delayed. So, to avoid that, the payment process must be straightforward and on point. Thankfully, there are a number of other steps you can take to ensure that your cart abandonment rate is as low as possible which includes

1. One-page checkout
2. Display all charges before checkout
3. Keep your checkout page clutter-free

After choosing a product, there should not be unnecessary ads or information to be filled in. The road to the payment gateway must be clear. So a simple, accommodating checkout process plays a big part in helping increase online sales!

8. Special Discounts to Lure Customers

Indians are very price-conscious and have a high need for bargaining. They naturally are on the lookout for exciting deals and offers. Who doesn't love big discounts and coupons to buy maximum products? Ecommerce companies use this and offer deep discounts to lure customers and get them to finally seal a deal with them in the form of product purchase. 

To help you generate more sales online VistaShopee lets you set interesting offer prices and discounts with promo codes to induce online visitors to make product purchases. And guess what? Offer Banners on your website work best to flaunt big deals that instantly click with the visitor to convert.

Running discounts with promo codes encourages customers to try out the product for the first time as the cost risk factor is low and why not existing customers would also be enticed to use the discount offer for their own benefit.


These were the 8 Steps on How to make a Successful Online Store. While it does take some effort to align your online store to the best practices outlined above, most modern eCommerce platforms make it relatively easy to accomplish these goals — easier than it used to be, anyway.

With the way the economy — and the world in general — is trending, expect competition in the eCommerce industry to get all the more cutthroat in the months and years ahead. However, if you stay on top of the latest practices, there’s no reason why you can’t emerge from this period as one of the winners.

4 Types of Businesses You can Start Online

4 Types of Businesses You can Start Online

Why E-commerce
Apr 13, 2022

You are totally satisfied with your 9 to 5 job and even receiving a steady paycheck and that’s cool.

But deep down inside you know you’ve always wanted more. More money. More freedom. More flexibility. And so you finally decided that it’s time to take action.

Starting an online business has always been in your mind and even thought of running it as a side business but, thinking and more thinking made you reluctant to take that decision of starting a new business.

A lot of questions may have arisen in your mind, like will I be able to give the required amount of time to my online business? Will I be able to juggle between my job and business? And most importantly will my side business be able to generate passive income for me?

All the answers to your questions will be answered ultimately with a little amount of dedication, persistence, and a distraction-free focus initially before you finally take the leap of faith to step into starting your own online side business.

Thankfully, with the tools and platforms available today, several ways can help you reach your goals faster. In fact, with the rise in the number of internet users in India and across the world over the past decade, you can build a successful business faster with the proper support. You no longer require a large office and a big team to manage your business.

The internet has given the power to the users to start small, reach critical masses faster and then scale business higher in no time. 

To end up managing a successful side business, you need to zero down on an idea of what kind of business you can do to generate a passive income for yourself.

First of all, let’s understand

What is a Passive Income?

Passive income is money you earn that doesn’t require you to do a lot of ‘active’ work to continue making it. In another sense, your main focus would be completely on your upfront work and only require you to put up some additional effort into your secondary work along the way to earn an income.

You’ve probably heard that “make money while you sleep” that’s the biggest belief that entices many people to carry outside business and draw a passive income from that.

Here are the 4 Types of Businesses You can Start Online

1. Online Store

You can start your online store in an industry of your choice in just a few clicks today. Several platforms allow you to launch your online store without coding experience at an affordable rate.

Opening an online store is the most cost-effective way of taking your offline business on the internet and using a large audience that is available on the web.

For instance, you can use VistaShopee to build your online store today and get started in no time.

2. Customized Gifting Store

With eCommerce being one of the most popular ways to make passive income online, it only makes sense to give a shout-out to print on demand.

Customized print-on-demand products allows you to sell customized gifting options to your customers right from greeting cards and t-shirts to other promotional goods such as mugs, posters, pens, phone cases, etc. The best thing about this is that you can build your own branded products as well.

Today dozens of customers are on the lookout for a customized gift in the form of cakes, mugs, and t-shirts to give their loved ones on their special day. Even a lot of corporate companies prefer to get a branded customized product for themselves with their logo embossed on a diary, pen, bottles, etc.

3. Handcrafted or Homemade Goods

If you are keen enough to take your hobby into a passive income generator then you should definitely give it a try. If you like making small handcrafted items like jewelry, wall art, or baking cupcakes or cookies, you can sell those items online with your own eCommerce website & app. This can be a perfect idea to get more orders online and you can set a new way to earn more.

For instance, if you sell online with VistaShopee you get many inbuilt time-saving features and tools to market and grow your online business enabling you to handle your job as well as business.

4. Create a FREE App

To kick start your online business initially you can sell your products through a FREE App. Yes, you read it right! At no cost, you can create your “Own App” fully personalized and branded that showcases your products.

And this is offered by VistaShopee App. Through VistaShopee you can create your app for free which can be shared and can get it installed on the mobile phones of the user. 

Once your business gets settled and you start getting adequate revenue flow you can even switch it over to a complete eCommerce website where you can easily sell and market your business to a larger extent.


These were Passive Income can really help elevate your earnings and fill in the gaps that your 9 to 5 job can’t fill on its own. If you are looking to replace your job the above passive income ideas can help you do that.

And it’s totally okay if you like your full-time job. The work that goes into earning passive income tends to be manageable for you, then why not you can do both at the same time.

Since today eCommerce is on the rise. Starting your business online with a perfect eCommerce platform can really help you take your business to new heights. With many inbuilt tools and features that a platform can offer you can do your side online business in the most simplified manner giving you the space to focus on your job as well.

9 Points on How to Choose Best Platform for Ecommerce Website

9 Points on How to Choose Best Platform for Ecommerce Website

Marketing Of Website
Apr 05, 2022

Starting an eCommerce website is definitely a good decision for any business owner. As we can already see the number of e-commerce businesses is consistently growing year by year. 

So whether you’re a bricks-and-mortar retailer or you own a fully online business, your main focus must be to grow your business and provide convenience to customers. The digital world allows companies to expand this capability to a greater extent, and this is the key reason why e-commerce websites continue to gain popularity.

Owning a website for your online business has become easier than ever before. In 2022, there are numerous eCommerce platforms to choose from to start your own eCommerce store. But, you will have to spend your time choosing which one is best for your business and your budget.  But wait! One second - Never ever choose a platform just because it’s popular.

One thing for sure you must be wondering why you need to own an eCommerce platform and here’s the answer to your ‘Why’

Why use an Ecommerce Platform for your Online Store?

Choosing the best eCommerce platform is one of the most important decisions that you will be taking for your business. An online store builder will help you to skyrocket your business with a wider customer base, better brand recognition, and more revenue to you.

Selling on eCommerce platforms is soon going to be the future of online businesses. This means that if you don’t have an eCommerce website for your business, it will be more difficult for you to compete online. When more and more businesses come up online, the only way to outshine and grow as a brand is through your own online store.

We have come up with a walk through guide to help you decide and choose the best eCommerce platform for your online store.

First, let’s take a look at the types of e-commerce platforms available for you to choose from.

Open Source Platform

On such platforms, you have to build and customize the website and host it and install it into the cloud. You will need a team of developers for this. You will need to pay for initial development, implementation, and upgrades. An example for this is Magento.

Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-based e-commerce platform involves a network of servers that are hosted on the internet. This is not hosted on an internal server and doesn’t involve software. With this option, you’re able to use various applications as well as store and process data.

SaaS-Based Platform

SaaS is the future of eCommerce. Just imagine you buy a ready built-in physical space to set up your store and you only need is to add the products and decide the theme. This is how a SaaS platform for eCommerce works.

You will have a completely ready-to-go online store. If you don’t have the technical knowledge and want dedicated support, this is the platform you should choose. Examples of SaaS eCommerce platforms in India are VistaShopee, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix site.

What is an eCommerce Platform?

An eCommerce platform is a software application that allows online businesses whether small or enterprise to easily manage their website, manage the inventory, monitor sales & deliveries, run marketing campaigns, and much more. Think of it as the central hub or home base for your business that offers features to scale your business the way you want.

9 Points on How to Choose Best Platform for Ecommerce Website

1. Have A Clear Business Goal

The first step to consider before selecting any platform to develop your website and app is to have a clear goal in your mind. It is very important to identify your business goal as on the basis of your goals you will ascertain your further business needs and future scalability requirements. And thereby you would be able to choose a platform that supports the security of your future business needs.

2. User Experience

Customers are the most important aspect of any business. Therefore, an eCommerce website should be able to make your customers’ buying experience as smooth as possible.

Your platform must have the feature to properly categorize your products thereby giving your customers the comfort to browse and easily select the product they wish to add to the cart.

3. Product Showcase Tools

When choosing any eCommerce platform for your online business website you must consider the different ways how you can showcase your products on your website. Since a website is the only gateway for your online visitors to learn and know more about you and your brand.

When you use VistaShopee you would have the power to showcase your products in style with unlimited product images, descriptions, and videos giving you the opportunity to let your customers have a 360-degree view of your products ensuring a  delightful shopping experience.

4. Marketing and SEO Friendly 

When your business goes online it's obvious that you will need to market your website or app and build a strong customer base to help to excel in your online business. It is always recommended that you must go for an eCommerce platform that offers multiple ways and methods to help you excel in your marketing efforts.

VistaShopee allows you to market your online store in various ways with the possibility for you to set attractive discounts and promo codes on your products to entice your customers to buy. To get discovered by your customers you even get inbuilt SEO tools to optimize your content and pages.

5. Checkout and Payment Options

A payment gateway needs to be integrated with your eCommerce store to collect payments. It is best if your site has multiple payment options so that your customers can choose their preferred mode.

Does the gateway offer single-page checkouts? In how many days will you receive money in your bank account? How much is the transaction fee? Is it safe and easy to use? Consider these when selecting payment gateways. Also, consider how long they have been in the field.

When you use VistaShopee, you get an in-built payment gateway for your eCommerce website to activate and start quickly. You don’t have to worry about payments and it will reach you at the right time.

6. Security

Of course, security is one of the main features that you should look into when choosing a platform. The more secure the platform is, the more trust it will offer site visitors, encouraging them to stick around and feel comfortable making a purchase. An e-commerce platform actively accepts payments, so it is important to ensure you have the right platform to do this as securely as possible.

7. Estimate the Cost

Cost is one of the major factors that should also be considered when it comes to choosing the right platform for your business website. Common costs for an eCommerce website are payment processing fees, costs for adding integrations, and potential fees for customer support, maintenance cost, and upgrading costs.

Determine a budget and look for platforms that fit your budget. Here VistaShopee makes it the most affordable platform for you as plans are according to your business requirements and even there is zero set-up cost involved.

8. Post Go-Live Support

Whenever your online business website and app go live it is likely that you may face some issues. So you will need a robust support team to guide you. Though every platform will have a support team, it is important to know how and in what way your doubts and queries will be fulfilled.

With VistaShopee you get a 3 Tier customer support service either you can watch exclusive tutorial videos exclusively available on YouTube or give a call on +919808198198 or Email on Even partners in your area would be happy to help you.

9. All in One Services

Once your site is launched you might need support for server management or digital marketing and it is good to have an all-in-one company for these needs. Having a single vendor to handle all these for your business will reduce the operational hassles.

These were the 9 Points to consider while choosing the best platform for ecommerce website.

Here, VistaShopee is the complete online business solution for you as it offers right from website designing to product photography to even digital marketing services as well.

So we hope you have found these key points useful for hiring a suitable eCommerce website development company.

Now it’s upon you…choose the best eCommerce platform which is developed on the basis of growth and future security of your online business needs and fits in your budget.

Start today and discover your dream online store. Take the first step to your online business success! 

7 Factors that Influence Ecommerce Growth in India

7 Factors that Influence Ecommerce Growth in India

Why E-commerce
Mar 15, 2022

The pandemic and lockdown period has brought many new learnings for all businesses, and e-commerce has undoubtedly been one of the sectors that has highly impacted in a positive way.

The e-commerce sector has been witnessing a significant growth over the last few years and has been showing no signs of slowing down in India. And why would it? Today online shopping has become so much easier. We can buy literally anything, right from groceries to perfumes and even expensive jewelries, from within the comfort of our homes.

The pandemic further has brought a huge and a long-term change in the way people shop and make their purchase decisions.

Now let's understand what are the 7 of the factors that drive ecommerce growth in India and how the eCommerce sector is soon going to be the hottest trend.

7 Factors Influencing Ecommerce Growth in India

1. Rise of eCommerce Platforms

According to Easyleads, it is estimated that currently, the number of eCommerce platforms available in India is more than 19000+. 

We know It's a huge number and YES!

It is still counting and many more emerging native eCommerce platforms are all set to jump into the competition. Previously businesses used to fear beginning their online business, but with the gradual understanding of eCommerce benefits in future and shopper's more inclination to online shopping made them finally take the decision to start their online business journey.

Today no matter the size of business whether small or large all are seeking the best eCommerce platform available in the market to start selling online. Business owners are always on the lookout for a platform that matches their requirements and fits into their budget.  And one such platform is VistaShopee, the most affordable and content-driven platform. VistaShopee is a complete online business platform for you to start, sell and grow your online shop for web and mobile.

Market size of e-commerce industry across India with forecasts until 2027 by Statista Market size of e-commerce industry across India with forecasts until 2027 - Statista

2. Increasing Internet usage and Smartphone penetration

According to DataReportal, There were 658.0 million internet users in India till January 2022.

So we can just imagine how internet connectivity has made our life easier and simpler. Today with the smartphone in hand and proper internet connectivity one can simply browse products through shopping sites and get their favorite products delivered at their doorstep.

One point that cannot be denied is that people get direct access to digital knowledge through informational sites and articles online which only makes them digitally occupied thereby promoting eCommerce growth in India.

3. Changing mindset and outlook of Indian consumers

Indians are becoming more aware and embracing the idea of online shopping. There is a significant change in consumer buying behavior and their choice of products.

Today people love to shop online from the comfort of their homes rather than stepping out of their homes to buy products.

Consumers prefer to shop online

Consumers even get to explore global products through international shopping websites which entices them to purchase products online.

The sheer convenience of online shopping has contributed a lot to the ecommerce growth in India

4. Remarketing Possibilities

When any potential customer visits a website but leaves it without purchasing any products, then companies follow them online.

Remarketing can convince an online shopper to revisit a website to complete the purchase that they have previously failed to do.

So similarly with remarketing possibilities opens many doors for a business owner to capture and convert leads into actual buyers. Here with VistaShopee, you have the power to explore unlimited remarketing tactics with inbuilt digital marketing controls for your online store.

5. Curated eCommerce

Nowadays Curated eCommerce is on the rise. Where online shoppers perform window shopping scanning products online and adding them to a cart. This has given rise to the culture of "Select now, share with all, buy later".

With the wide usage of social media platforms by users to share products with each other has boosted this concept further, which has given rise to influential buying.

6. Safe and Secure Payment Options

With the rise of digital wallets and UPI’s, consumers have a variety of payment options. Earlier, eCommerce transactions were more based on cash on delivery due to lack of trust or the need for product transactions.

Due to the demonetization drive, more and more Indians have started using electronic payments. With many eCommerce companies investing heavily in strengthening the online security for payments, more and more consumers are using online mode for shopping. VistaShopee has many popular payment gateways pre-integrated like Razorpay, CC Avenue, PayU, Instamojo, PayTM, Cashfree, etc enabling you to accept payment through Debit/Credit card, Net Banking, Wallets, UPI’s.

A woman in white dress makes an online payment through debit card

Source: Anna Shvets from Pexels

7. Pricing and Discounts

Indians are very price-conscious and have a high need for bargaining. They naturally are on the lookout for exciting deals and offers. Ecommerce companies use this and offer deep discounts to lure customers and get them to finally seal a deal with them in the form of product purchase. 

To help you generate more sales online VistaShopee lets you set interesting offer prices and discounts with promo codes to induce online visitors to make product purchases. And guess what? Offer Banners on your website are the cherry on the cake that instantly clicks with the visitor to convert.  

Running discounts with promo codes encourages customers to try out the product for the first time as the cost risk factor is low and why not existing customers would also be enticed to use the discount offer for their own benefit.

Concluding Thoughts

So we can see that looking at the above factors, the eCommerce industry seems to be soaring high at a rapid speed.

Businesses who are on the lookout to start their online business must look no further and start selling online owing to the increased internet user base and consumers' changing buying behavior which has lead to ecommerce growth in India.

The competition in the e-commerce industry in India is fierce. The market is filled with many local and foreign companies trying to hold the maximum market share.

But needless to say, the ecommerce growth in India has brought many new opportunities for businesses as well as for the consumers, it is a win-win situation.

How to Increase Sales in Online Business in 7 Steps

How to Increase Sales in Online Business in 7 Steps

Marketing Of Website
Mar 04, 2022

So you’ve just set up a new eCommerce store for yourself. You have handpicked all the trendy products along with their images and added them to your online store. Now your website looks aesthetically good, done with the final checkup and here you are ready for the online sales to roll in.

But wait one second!

Have you given a thought about this - How are you going to get online orders? Do your online visitors know what you sell or do they really are aware that you have started an online business?

Getting your eCommerce store up and running is just a small milestone that you have achieved in your online business journey. Now you need to streamline certain strategies to up your marketing game so that you can reach out your products to several customers online who are looking for the right products.

So pull up your socks and get ready to know some of the simplest and most affordable strategies that you can apply initially to market your website and products and seal the right deal with your prospective online visitors.

How to Increase Sales in Online Business in 7 Steps

1. Mobile-First Approach

Did you know that according to Statista, In 2020, the penetration rate of smartphone in India had reached 54 percent and now it has been estimated to reach 96 percent in the year 2040. 

So today it is obvious to say that smartphones have become a major part and parcel of our lifestyle. And to a great surprise, even mobile phones have seriously impacted the purchase decision of several customers.

Customers' buying process begins with researching products online through their mobile phones and then ending up with purchasing products through websites or mobile app stores.

So just imagine, if your brand is present in your customer's pocket 24X7 in the form of an app store on their mobile screen.

Then voila!

They would instantly be impressed just swipe the products, add to the cart, done with the payment and here they have purchased the product from your online app store.

It feels so satisfying, doesn't it!

To let you feel it in reality, VistaShopee helps you to get into the mobile phones of such customers by having your own app with your own brand name and logo as an icon along with the possibility to market, share, and grow your app. 

2. Product images initiate purchase decision

For many buyers, pictures are the most important aspect of whether to buy or not, a particular product. For some, it is even more important than the price!

For your e-commerce business product images are the silent salesman that lets you crack the right deal with your online visitors who may get impressed with the attractive products images that you upload.

When products are viewed from every angle it builds up the trust upon the product in the minds of the visitor and encourages them to click the BUY NOW button. This is all made possible with VistaShopee which lets you add unlimited product images from every angle to showcase your products in style.

Even for those who do not decide solely based on the pictures whether to buy something or not, pictures still play an important role. It just comes down to this, a bad quality image leading to confusion and ultimately no sales.

So it is always recommended that you shouldn’t leave your customer wondering what your product actually is and what it consists of.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are more than just social media posts or simply having social media accounts isn’t enough. You need to have an active presence in order to make the best impression with your potential customers.

Social media platforms let you maintain brand reputation and transparency between you and your online visitors.  

In fact, you can take absolute benefit of social media by sharing your website or products link into your social media post. This helps you to draw traffic to your official website and this way visitors can have a glance through your products which then drives them to make a purchase.

Similarly, social media groups and forums are a holy grail, if used effectively then they can be a great source to drive traffic and ultimately online sales to your e-commerce site.

4. Social Listening

Social Media is one such kind of marketing tool that it can make or break an online business. It acts as a legit business profile for many online visitors to scan the quality of the company and its products. 

So here’s why social listening comes as a part of a strategy to increase your online sales is that, In an online world, the customer is the king and their needs and requirements need to be taken into consideration. Many people reach out to brands on social media because the platforms feel more accessible, or because they might have a quick, simple question that they need help in resolving.

If you as a brand take the initiative to pay attention to the visitor queries and complaints and make your business more approachable then you can secure more repeat customers and even encourage new ones to take the plunge, driving online sales.

5. Good Website User Experience

Your online website is your doorway that sets the first impression in the minds of the visitor. 

Even though your website looks aesthetically divine it's of no use if your website couldn't bring adequate online sales for you. 

Your prospective visitors landing on your website should be able to easily navigate your website. Your products segregated under related categories makes it convenient for the user to filter and browse through your products and get educated about your products. VistaShopee lets you create multiple product categories that makes it simpler to explore wide product offerings.

When your website offers an excellent shopping experience to your online shoppers then they would not leave any chance to get impressed and finally settle the deal with you.

6. Freebies and Discounts

Giving your customers a taste of your product or service with free trials or samples is perfect for sealing the deal and driving online sales.

For example, if you are into the software business, VistaShopee makes it possible with its affordable platform to let your customers download the free trial of your software, tempting them to finally buy your product after trial.

Running discounts with promo codes encourages customers to try out the product for the first time as the cost risk factor is low and why not existing customers would also be enticed to use the discount offer for their own benefit.

7. Easy Checkout Process

According to a study from the Baymard Institute, 27% of customers who abandoned their carts during checkout did so because the checkout process was too long or complicated.

The purchase decision of many customers is dependent upon the number of steps required to go through the payment process and the available payment options to choose from.

It is always recommended to simplify the payment process by limiting the steps needed to finally clicking on the Proceed to Pay button. Plenty of folks still prefer the COD facility so don’t forget to appease such kinds of audiences. VistaShopee has many popular payment gateways pre-integrated like Razorpay, CC Avenue, PayU, Instamojo, PayTM, Cashfree, etc enabling you to accept payment through Debit/Credit card, Net Banking, Wallets, UPI’s.

So a simple, accommodating checkout process will play a big part in helping increase online sales!

Final Thoughts

So these were 7 simple strategies or suggestions that answers your question how to increase sales in online business and will really help you gather some quality online sales.

Whether your online business is big or small we are pretty sure that your primary goal would be to increase online sales and soar higher than your competitors.

While some strategies might not be viable for your business type, the right combination of marketing strategies will help you settle online sales deals with your prospective customers.

What is Product Photography and Importance of Product Photography

What is Product Photography and Importance of Product Photography

Marketing Of Website
Feb 19, 2022

Did you know that a Human brain reacts to an image in just 13 milliseconds? That’s  60,000 times faster than text!

So you can guess the time exactly you took to read that sentence then to imbibe the information that you would grab if viewed from an image.

Similarly in your online business, Product photos plays an important role that influences the purchase decision of many customers. The quality of images you upload the same perspective your online visitor would take to zero down on whether to buy your product or not.

In this article, we would explain to you how quality product photography is essential in your online shop and how with just minimal resources you can click and upload adequate product images to get going with your online store.

First, let us understand

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is the process of showcasing your products visually to your customers in such a way that it fills in the position of an actual salesman in your online store.

In an online store, you would have a long list of products along with categories. In such a situation, how would you explain to your customers how the product works or looks for that matter?

This is where Product Photography comes in.

Being a part of the product description, photography helps you in capturing the viewer’s attention instantly.

It would be easier to say that “ Photos speak louder than text

Now, let us know why it's important to click great pictures of your products.

To start off with a product photo shoot, it is very vital to understand what are your intentions behind clicking the photos like from the sales point of view or otherwise just to beautify your shop.

You need to set a standard point of view as to why you are clicking photos and what exactly you want to convey through your photos to your prospective visitors.

Secondly, there is no such rocket science, that you must be a master in photography. With minimal resources and some photography techniques, you can take good snaps of your products.

As an owner of your online shop, you just need three things i.e A proper coordinated background, A space with good lighting, and a mobile phone with a good camera quality or a DSLR (in case you have one).

Only with a good combination of the above three things which you happen to arrange then you are just one step away from clicking that camera button and uploading the pictures in your online store.

Importance of Product Photography

It connects the product and the customer who views it

When customers view a particular product online they tend to get attracted to the product image than to the description below. On the basis of the quality of the product photo, they perceive how the physical quality of the product would be.

That’s how significant it is, a good quality image can improve your product’s value in your customer’s mind and vice versa.

Images help to stand out in the minds of the customers

Product images leave a lasting impression in the minds of the customers.

A good quality image must connect with the customer as soon as they land on the product page. They must be hooked in such a way that they get induced to explore the product from every angle and finally click that BUY button.

Similarly, if the product images are not up to the mark, customers will immediately leave if they did not like your product at first glance itself. First impressions stay with the customer and they make a more permanent impression than you’d think.

Product Images initiate Purchase decisions

For many buyers, pictures are the most important aspect of whether to buy or not) a particular product. For some, it is even more important than the price!

Even for those who do not decide solely based on the pictures whether to buy something or not, pictures still play an important role.It just comes down to this, a bad quality image leading to confusion and ultimately no sales.

It is always recommended that you shouldn’t leave your customer wondering what your product actually is and what it consists of.

Final Thoughts

Product photography plays an extremely essential role in determining the sales of a product.

You can master the art of photography from your home at a beginner level, with minimum equipment & effort and gradually you can move into a more professional level.

The prime objective of an image is to visualize the product and make it even more appealing when the customer visits the online store. An image should substitute the need of the customer to touch & feel the product, estimate the quality.

So now you are aware of what role product photography plays in your online shop and the minimal requirement to capture a beautiful product picture, you can finally get clicking!

6 Reasons Explaining the Importance of E Commerce in Business

6 Reasons Explaining the Importance of E Commerce in Business

Why E-commerce
Feb 15, 2022

In Today’s competitive and convenience-focused society, consumers no longer prefer to step out of their homes in order to buy items, instead, consumers want to shop from their own homes, making e-commerce a flexible solution for both businesses and buyers.

Launching an e-commerce store can be time-consuming but with the help of a user-friendly and affordable eCommerce platform such as VistaShopee can let you create your online shop in just a few steps and you’ll be all set to start selling online.

If you’re still in a confused state of mind about launching an eCommerce store then look no further. Here are the Top 6 reasons why eCommerce is so important for you to run a successful business and just how you can benefit from moving online this year!

6 Reasons Explaining the Importance of E Commerce in Business

1. Global Reach:

E-commerce reaches customers all over the world. They can make a purchase anywhere and anytime. Thus, offering maximum convenience at consumers' fingertips. There are very few physical limitations for the products to reach the right consumers. The rise in internet usage and the growth of social media have made it easier for eCommerce business owners to reach a diverse new mix of customers.

2. Lower Operating Cost:

The nature of E-commerce business is such that the cost of office space at multiple locations can be avoided. There is a huge saving on real estate space. Also, due to the online nature of business, the cost of logistics and supply chain is also relatively low. If you create your store with an affordable platform like VistaShopee, your store would be ready easily with zero set-up cost and no hidden charges. Thus it is simple to say that “Creating and maintaining a website is less expensive than running a traditional brick-and-mortar store”.

3. Consumer Insights:

On an E-commerce platform, it becomes much easier to track and analyze the digital footprints of users that visit the website. While VistaShopee lets you trace, analyze, and measure the behavior of your potential visitors to your website with the help of google analytics code embedded in your site. Thus in this way, the entire user journey can be studied to know more about the needs of the customers, and accordingly, product and marketing strategies can be planned out.

4. Customization:

The beautiful thing about E-commerce is that it gives customers and their shopping experiences much more importance. Its robust algorithmic technologies provide a great customer viewing experience with excellent personalized content and product recommendations. These targeted communications can help eCommerce business owners to generate more sales by showing the most relevant content to each visitor.

5. Great Marketing Opportunities:

Your website is the greatest marketing tool that you can use in the online world. The SEO-optimized content and blogs on your website would help you to rank higher on the search results page. Alongside your website you can carry out other marketing techniques such as social media marketing and email marketing, all of these efforts will help you to develop a stronger online presence.

6. Easy Scaling up:

With an eCommerce business in place, any business owner can move from taking small tiny steps to larger leaps. The issue of physical space and management of inventory unlike bricks and mortar stores does not seem to be a problem in the growth journey of any online business.

As your business grows it’s very likely you’ll want to grow your product range and customer base, we at VistaShopee believe in growth and excellence so no matter you start small and grow big our exclusive plans are designed for every scale of business. Thus thereby any E-commerce merchant can scale up their business quickly by simply increasing the bandwidth to take up more sales orders and traffic.

So now you must have got some idea about how e-commerce can widely impact your business in a good way. As the ball is in your court it's upon you how you take your business online to the next level and start selling online by having your own website and app. If you are looking for a content-driven affordable eCommerce solution? then why don’t you talk to our team call us on +91 9808198198 or simply visit our website to know more

What is Ecommerce and 6 Types of B2B Ecommerce

What is Ecommerce and 6 Types of B2B Ecommerce

Why E-commerce
Feb 11, 2022

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is a business model that facilitates enterprises or individuals to conduct business through the electronic medium. It consists of commercial activities like buying and selling of goods or services. E-commerce also includes the sale and purchase of non-physical goods, such as services and digital products.

In simple terms, E-commerce is buying and selling which happens over the internet.

One interesting fact to know is that the history of the first E-commerce sales dates back to a man selling a CD to his friend on his website called NetMarket (An American Retail Platform) on August 11, 1994. 

This was the first example of a consumer purchasing a product from a business through the World Wide Web—or “e-commerce” as we commonly know it today.

Since then, E-commerce has evolved to make products easier to discover and purchase through online retailers and marketplaces. Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations have all benefited from e-commerce, which enables them to sell their goods and services at a scale that was not possible with traditional offline retail.

6 Types of B2B ecommerce models for you to consider before launching your online store.

1. For Home Businesses

If you are running a Home-based business, handling all the business activities all by yourself, then here’s a chance to reach out your products to every doorstep by simply going online which is made possible with VistaShopee - an easy and affordable platform to sell and showcase products online.

2. For Restaurant & Perishable Products

You are into a business like the food industry or perishable products where immediate/same-day deliveries are important then yes you can manage all this in your online Store with VistaShopee th e best e-Commerce solution for restaurants and the food industry.

3. For Startups

During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs or switched over to new money-making options. So if you already run a business or if any business idea is going in your mind then, VistaShopee can make it possible to bring your business idea into reality by having your own website and app at affordable prices.

4. For Retailers

You are into retail business selling locally through the physical shop. E-commerce is a great opportunity for you to grow your orders by reaching customers present at every nook and corner.

5. For Wholesalers

Wholesalers or manufacturers sell products or services to other businesses. This model is often called as B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce and usually deals with products in Bulk with heavy discounts like electronics, chemicals, branded cosmetics and clothing, grocery, and more.

6. For Software Industry

Selling Digital products like software, distribution of license keys is made easy with e-commerce. You can sell any software with easily downloadable links and license keys delivered through email or SMS.  

All this is made possible at a very affordable cost with VistaShopee  - your perfect partner in your online business journey.

E-commerce is on the Rise 

Online Shopping Retail Sales in India 2019 - 2024

Source: Statista

According to Statista - Online shopping sales across India amounted to around 55 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. An estimate has been made that the sales to grow over 124 billion U.S.This means that the eCommerce market in India is one of the fastest-growing in the world.

Looking from a wider perspective the way technology and the internet has penetrated into India it is sure to know that there is no looking back when an eCommerce business is initiated.

Consumers make faster purchase decisions while scrolling products on their mobile phones. Therefore having an online presence in the form of a website or an app can go a long way in generating traffic and sales for any online business venture.


E-commerce is a proven business model that helps drive revenue growth for some of the world’s largest brands. By getting started with eCommerce, you can reach more customers online and significantly increase your business revenue.

If starting an eCommerce business is something on your mind. Make sure you do your research before you start, come up with a solid business plan, and then consider a good eCommerce platform like  VistaShopee , Shopify, or BigCommerce, if not a tech-savvy one to start to sell online.

VistaShopee V/s Dotpe - Which Platform is Best for Ecommerce Website ?

VistaShopee V/s Dotpe - Which Platform is Best for Ecommerce Website ?

Dec 30, 2021

Are you thinking of starting your online business? Not sure whether you should use VistaShopee or Dotpe?

As a business owner, choosing the right eCommerce platform that fits your business requirements is very crucial for your success. Every eCommerce platform comes with its own pros & cons, this comparison blog will give a little bit of an idea of which eCommerce platform suits you the better.

Before we start, let's understand what makes these platforms stand out.

DotPe is a technology start-up providing a commerce and payments platform to offline enterprise businesses based in Gurgaon, India.

VistaShopee is the most affordable, manageable, flexible, presentable, marketable & expandable content-driven platform for any size of business in every industry to create websites & mobile apps to present or sell products or services. And even they are on their own platform, thus making it more transparent for you to make your eCommerce platform selection decision.

VistaShopee V/s Dotpe | Which Platform is Best for Ecommerce Website ?

1. Products

Dotpe is for any kind of business but not for any kind of industry. In simple terms, it does not let you sell certain products such as digital products like software, e-books,  courses, etc. Whereas VistaShopee is for every business from any industry, be it standard products like groceries, cakes, or clothes to digital products, electronics, and even personalizable products such as bouquets, mugs, etc.

2. Pricing

Dotpe lets you to keep offer prices on your products but you cannot explore more with discounts and offers which are the focal points for any customer to get induced to buy any product. Whereas with VistaShopee you can run a discount campaign with a dedicated banner within the site. Show MRP and offer price together and even set promo codes on selected products.

3. Website

Dotpe lets you make your store unique by choosing unique looks from a list of themes. But with VistaShopee you get to choose from an array of multiple themes. Each theme has multiple configurable colors to look unique and that match your brand’s tone. In this way, your website would get a different look and feel and will be much more appealing.

4. Product Showcase

In an online world, Product images play a major role in driving customers from product viewing to product addition into the cart. Dotpe does not have various product showcase options apart from size and color type, lacking product understandability.

Whereas VistaShopee gives you In-built Product Showcase Tools to convince customers like you can add Multiple Product Photos and Videos showcasing your product from every angle. Explain your products in detail with attractive descriptions and information tabs.

5. Payment Gateways

There is a limited selection of payment gateway in the case of Dotpe.

Whereas VistaShopee offers you a much wider range of payment options for both international (PayPal, Stripe) as well as national (Razor pay, CC    Avenue, PayU, InstaMojo, PayTM, Cashfree). With VistaShopee you even get pre-integrated payment gateways for a quick start.

6. Cart

VistaShopee offers a feature of setting billing and shipping addresses different for every order your customer places. This gives more importance to your customers to have a personalized cart experience.

7. SMART App

VistaShopee provides a unique app called SMART( Sales, Marketing, Administrating & Relationship Tool for its users to multiply their revenue with their online shop. VistaShopee SMART App will be connected to your Online Shop and will help you and your Sales and Marketing Team to Create & Share Visiting Cards, Letters on Letterhead, Flyers, Brochures, Catalogs, Price List, Quotation, Order, Invoice, Messages, and Social Media Posts.

These were the 7 points comparing which platform is best for Ecommerce Website development ? VistaShopee or Dotpe

If you are looking for something that is completely hassle-free and that is developed on the basis of growth and future security of your online business needs then VistaShopee is the best option to start selling online.

5 Benefits of Frequently Asked Questions Page on your Website

5 Benefits of Frequently Asked Questions Page on your Website

Marketing Of Website
Dec 21, 2021

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, and an Frequently Asked Questions page on your website is an organized collection of valuable information that your customers ask about your products and services. This page is a useful way to organize information that your customers often ask for.

Your Frequently Asked Questions page is a section of your website that will become a go-to destination for your customers. This page is one of the most overlooked pages for many small business websites, but in reality, this page is one of the most important that will help you increase your online presence and drive qualified traffic to your site.

A question and answer page on your Ecommerce store becomes really very crucial as it can bind the gap between customers' plight to fulfill their need to finally take the step to purchase a product from your online store.

5 Benefits of Frequently Asked Questions Page on your Website

1. Improves User Experience

No matter how clear and well-organized your website is, users with questions probably have to browse through a few pages looking for the right answer, which can be annoying for a visitor that just wants a quick answer to an easy question.

By compiling answers to common questions on every possible topic related to your business, an FAQ page gives visitors a central place to find the answers they need.

2. Saves your Money on Customer Service

By providing a single place to get answers to commonly asked questions, you give your site visitors an initial place to go when they otherwise might have picked up the phone to call you (or worse, given up and abandoned your site entirely).

With a good FAQ page in place to answer basic questions, your customer service agents can spend their time helping with more complicated issues.

3. Brings New Website Traffic and New Customers

Search engines love FAQ pages because they provide relevant content to help Google understand your business.

This means that you need lots of good content to help your business get found in search engines. Your website’s FAQ page is the perfect place to publish lots of interesting information about your business, products, and services. This in turn will bring big traffic to your site.

4. Builds Trust and Overcomes Obstacles to Conversions

A well-written FAQ page shows experience. You know what customers are thinking and you’ve already got an answer. It’s a great way to increase the trust and professionalism of your website.

Providing a comprehensive answer to common questions also demonstrates leadership and authority within your industry, which makes your site visitors more confident about doing business with your company.

5. Offers a Great Source of Content Creation Ideas

The content on your FAQ pages should always aim to provide value to your visitors, either by solving problems, answering questions, or clearing out any doubts that may arise. What's a better place than a FAQ page containing every problem or question your audience might have? to generate some content ideas for your blogs and social media.

Frequently Asked Questions Page on your Website

Tips for Writing a Good Frequently Asked Questions Page

If you need you can create a separate FAQ page and place it directly into your website navigation menu or under the website footer, so it would be easy for visitors to click through your FAQ page.

Write the questions from a customer's point of view as if the reader would ask. Sticking to this format makes more sense for a reader, reduces confusion, and more closely matches what people actually type into search engines.

Keep your questions and answers natural, even though this would sound obvious but the reason behind someone fetching an FAQ page means they are in the look for specific information and not a marketing pitch or long-form storytelling.

Keep your answers short and simple, not exceeding more than 100 words.

Start your answers with a YES or a NO this might save the time of the reader and also use day-to-day vocabulary that any ordinary user would use and understand.

Thinking of taking your business online? then we might be your ideal choice. VistaShopee  is a complete online business solution that offers a personalized & fully controllable CMS to start, run and grow your online business website & app successfully. Explore our plans starting at free and choose the best that suits your business needs.

VistaShopee V/s Wix - Which is the Best Platform for Ecommerce Store ?

VistaShopee V/s Wix - Which is the Best Platform for Ecommerce Store ?

Dec 16, 2021

Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your online store can be a bit of a struggle, especially when all of the platforms are offering more or less the same features.

This comprehensive VistaShopee vs Wix comparison guide will help you evaluate both platforms and select one that meets your eCommerce requirements and that is easier to use and manage.

VistaShopee V/s Wix | Best Platform for Ecommerce Store ?

1. Platform:

Wix is first and foremost a website builder that offers e-commerce functionality. Whereas, VistaShopee offers a complete eCommerce platform that helps you launch your online business quickly and successfully.

2. Solution:

Wix is primarily considered for building basic content-based websites for users wishing to create blogs and other websites like conveying information or showcasing content. Wix is more suitable for small online stores and non - profit making businesses.

While VistaShopee believes in growth and excellence so we are always ready for you to go for that extra mile. No matter start small and grow big as per your business requirements our exclusive plans are designed for any business of any size.

3. Template Customization:

One demerit of Wix templates is that they can’t be changed or switched after you’ve selected one. This can create a problem if you want to rebrand your store later.

Here VistaShopee is the most flexible platform that it has an array of multiple themes and templates to choose from, each easily configurable with your brands tone giving you that different look and feel to your website.

4. Storage:

Wix offers a storage capability ranging from 20GB to 50GB giving less space to explore for such business owners who want to widen their horizon of business. Wix is well-suited for low-volume sellers and VistaShopee is best platform for ecommerce store and provides larger volume merchants looking to truly invest in e-commerce with Unlimited Storage.

5. Payment integration:

There is a limited selection of payment gateway in the case of Wix as it may not be suitable for Indian Businesses due to no Indian payment gateway integration options like Google Pay and PayTM.

Whereas VistaShopee offers a much wider range of payment options for both international (PayPal, Stripe) as well as national (Razorpay, CC Avenue, PayU, InstaMojo, PayTM, Cashfree)

6. Contract:

In Wix, there’s no monthly payment system. Hence you are bound by yearly contractual payment. Whereas VistaShopee provides monthly as well annual payment subscriptions where can end the subscription anytime you wish to & there won’t be any further charge.


Whether you’re just starting out today or looking to upscale your business, the right e-commerce solution you choose will not only meet your online requirements but also your customers.

Need a simple and fast way to launch your online business right now? No matter the size and type of industry now get VistaShopee – The best Platform for Ecommerce Store!

6 Steps to Write Attractive Product Descriptions That Sell

6 Steps to Write Attractive Product Descriptions That Sell

Marketing Of Website
Dec 02, 2021

The customer is now on your page, looking for the perfect product that fits his/her need.

The very last step is convincing the customer to click the “add to cart” button.


With an appealing product description.

This means – the product description is one of the most important aspects of your online shop when it comes to conversion.

Having a good product description on your online shop is as important as having great images or a technically flawless website. A good product description not only improves the customer experience but also helps you to boost your sales with attractive product copy that actually sells.

Before we dive into how to write an attractive product description let’s define what is a Product Description - A product description is a form of marketing copy that provides all the information and details of your product on your e-commerce site.

In an online world, you do not have any salesman that would educate customers about which product you offer or sell. But an attractive product description that describes your product in detail with lucid language would make great sense to help you seal the deal with your online visitors.

6 Steps to Write Attractive Product Descriptions That Sell | VistaShopee

1. Know Your Audience

The more you know your audience the better you will be able to write your product description. Good market research will help you to draft a buyer persona that will give you an idea of which individuals your online business is targeting.

2. Focus on Features and Benefits

A good product description should focus on the product’s features and benefits. Obviously, the features are a bit more clear and on point. The benefits will require a bit more creativity and understanding of your target audience. Don’t forget to use some powerful words like Absolute, Elegant. Remarkable, Amazing, that makes it more authentic and appealing.

3. Use Story-Telling

Once you get a clear idea about your target audience try to touch their emotional pain points. Customers are always on the look for a solution to their problem in the form of a product. Emotions always inspire a person to buy products that fit them.

4. Product Images & Videos

A good product copy merges well with the images of the product. Images give a closer look from every angle for the customers to visually get enticed to buy the product. And sometimes images don't do justice to your product, and that's where videos come into play. They are a great tool to show your product in use and even for a quick tutorial, apart from showing the product in 360°. They are very essential in your product description write-up. 

5. Make It Readable

Generally speaking, customers would get bored reading your long product descriptions. Our eyes are like scanners they read only those points that make sense to them. For this adding bullet points can do wonders, VistaShopee lets you sort out long descriptions into tabs where short and brief product explanations can be presented in bullet point form.

6. Make it SEO Friendly

Write your product description keeping in mind the right targeted keywords. From an SEO point of view infusing the right keywords will help your rank your page in the search engine results page. VistaShopee makes your SEO practices effortless with inbuilt SEO tools like Header tags and Meta Descriptions. Some keyword research tools like Ubersuggest will help you find out some amazing keywords.

Those were the 6 Steps you can follow to Write Attractive Product Descriptions That Sell

Now VistaShopee makes it possible for you to skyrocket your business with your own website and a PWA app giving you the needed resource to make your mark in the online world.

What is Local SEO and How to Improve Local SEO in 3 Ways ?

What is Local SEO and How to Improve Local SEO in 3 Ways ?

Marketing Of Website
Nov 25, 2021

Today every business has a website and everyone in the online business world is fetching for that one customer that would give sales to their business.

But however, it doesn’t matter how great your business is — it will fail if people don’t get to know about what services or products you offer. But how can you get the word out to your community about your company and attract new customers?

With local search engine optimization services, you’ll improve your visibility and gather a lot more attention from the people in your region.

What is Local SEO ?

Local (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is all about improving your company’s visibility on search engines in your region. When people in your city are looking for a business like yours, you would want them to find you first instead of your competitors.

In order to do this, you need to improve your local Search Engine Optimization.

How to Improve Local SEO in 3 Ways - VistaShopee

1. Google My Business

Google My Business al lows your company to show up on Google’s sidebar when people search for things related to your company. For example, if you offer Homemade Tiffin services in Mumbai and someone Google’s that keyword, your business listing will pop up and people may also get to see your company.

Creating a business profile on Google is free and will help you engage with the local market on Google and Google Maps whenever they search for services or products that you offer.

With VistaShopee your business will get a support for local products deliveries in the form of manual or with pre-integrated delivery partners like WeFast for quick deliveries around your locality.

2. Optimized Titles, URL’s and Meta Description

Make sure that each page of your website is optimized properly with correct titles, URL’s and Meta descriptions that accurately define or describe what exactly your business offers and where your business is located. This helps Google connect you to your local market and to people who are looking for a business like yours.

VistaShopee offers you an in-built SEO tool so you can easily add Title, Meta Description, and Meta keywords thus helping you in your local SEO efforts.

3. Localized Content

For any online business, it is very important to understand that ‘Content is the King’. Creating quality is essential for search engine optimization. But if you want to spread your business first locally then you would need to create content that targets local keywords.

For example, a localized blog would have a title like “The Best home-made tiffin service in Borivali”. When someone would search with your targeted keyword, your page would show up and you would be able to attract a potential customer that’s in your region, not someone that lives across the country.

It’s never too late to utilize the power of local search engine optimization for your online business so you can boost your company’s visibility and attract new customers. Your competitors are already doing it, so it’s time for you to catch up and start improving your local Search Engine Optimization. 

If you are still finding a way to create your mark in the online world, VistaShopee makes it possible for you to change your online business idea into reality.

What is PWA App and 4 Key Benefits of PWA

What is PWA App and 4 Key Benefits of PWA

Marketing Of Website
Nov 22, 2021

What is PWA App ?

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is one of the most talked-about technology shifts in the web and has gained an unparalleled momentum among the practitioners in the IT world. Unlike traditional applications, progressive web apps are a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application.

This new application model talks all about removing friction and making it easy for the users to get to what they want.

Now let’s talk about What makes PWA Technology the hottest trend in the Ecommerce market and why PWA apps is the need of the hour for many online businesses.

4 Key Benefits of PWA - VistaShopee

1. It is Reliable

PWA is of the most reliable technological application that one can find on their mobile screen. This is because regardless of network conditions, the application never breaks down or becomes unresponsive. However the level of offline functionality depends upon the application, some may completely work fine offline while some may display only meaningful content informing the user that they are offline.

2. It is Device Friendly

Progressive Web Applications makes it possible to adapt to different screen sizes and orientations, ensuring that the user experience is great for all users. A good responsive design helps to ensure that your application will continue to work with new devices in the future.

3. It is Engaging

PWA has the potential to offers some of the similar benefits just as of any web application. Having an icon on the home screen makes it easy to get into the app and push notifications can help alert the user of important information that requires their attention.

4. It is Secure

Progressive Web Apps are secure by default. The technologies powering PWA require apps to be served over HTTPS to work.

The great thing about PWA is that the technologies used in creating such applications are progressive in nature so it is supported by all types of browsers. This means that those customers that have support for them will get an enhanced experience, but all customers will get a great a basic experience too.

Well, today it can be called as a myth that users will happily download the app of every website they visit frequently. Gone are the days when people used to have dozens of apps on their mobile screens but now it has limited to only useful and those app that carries less storage space.

Studies suggest that each step to download an app reduces 20% of users. But in fact, PWA reduces the steps between the discovery of an app and getting it on the home screen and thereby eliminating the friction of getting an app installed. This provides a kind of fair ground for many businesses to pitch in their PWA into the market.

So in this way, we can say that PWA holds the potential to give a boost to your online business when supported with a website. VistaShopee makes it possible for you to skyrocket your business with your own website and a PWA app giving you the needed resource to make your mark in the online world.

5 Points Explaining Why Blogging is Important for Business

5 Points Explaining Why Blogging is Important for Business

Marketing Of Website
Nov 09, 2021

Due to technological advancement and the dynamic nature of consumer demands today the companies have developed a different approach in conducting their businesses.

It is becoming increasingly important for small businesses to develop a strong web presence to engage and communicate with their customers.

While creating a highly developed website is a key component in establishing a remark into the online marketing world, but the global economy's ever-changing nature requires businesses to go further.

If you run a small business, chances are you are wondering if blogs are worth the time and effort for your business. The short answer is a propounded YES! Writing blogs on a frequent basis is a relatively easy, inexpensive way to enhance inbound marketing efforts, drive traffic to your site, and attract more prospective customers.

5 Points Explaining Why Blogging is Important for Business

1. Boost Search Engine Optimization

Search engines love to provide fresh, valuable, and relatable content to readers. Blogs can be a great idea to provide frequent content with a blog post to your website. With consistent blogs, you invite Google and other search engines to new content to index and in turn create opportunities to infuse those important keywords to increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERP).

With VistaShopee  there is an added advantage that you do not require any kind of third-party plugins to support your SEO efforts. There is an inbuilt section for adding Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords so that you’re On-page SEO is always on the right path.

2. Establish your Business as an Industry Expert

No matter how small your business is, you can build trust and influence within your industry by providing valuable, expertise in your blog posts. Over time, you become a “go-to” resource for helpful, informative content, which can ultimately lead to higher customer conversion rates.

This is especially important for small businesses looking to gain credibility to compete with larger companies. VistaShopee gives you the benefit of having an exclusive Featured Image for your blog that lets you generate higher click rates and increases your credibility and trust.

3. Connect People to Your Brand As A Niche

Blog posting allows you to show a personal side of your business that will easily resonate with your readers otherwise the customers won’t see through outbound marketing techniques. Blogs on your website give others a sense of the corporate standards, vision, and unique personality of your company.

VistaShopee helps you to set your brand as a niche by enabling you to write blogs in your domain area such as Health benefits, How to or blogs on general topics.

4. Add Value Addition to Your Readers

One of the biggest benefits of business blogging is the ability to provide value to visitors. Your blogs must be something that provides solutions to their problems and in return your chances of getting sales increases.

Of course, don't forget to mention your products or services to promote through blogs but explain in a subtle and helpful manner. If your blog post simply promotes your business readers won't be interested to read rather connect with them on an emotional level that will persuade them to purchase your products.

5. Increase Sharing Capability

Every time you blog, you create an opportunity for your audience to share your blog with others. Whether they link to your blog post, tweet it, or email it to others, it’s free marketing and it further boosts the credibility of your business. With VistaShopee it becomes easier for you to share your blog post with your friends, family, and your readers through simple blog link sharing on Whatsapp and other social media sites.

These were the 5 Points Explaining Why Blogging is Important for Business!

From a practical point of view, blogging just makes sense. With minimal effort and expense, you can build credibility, boost SEO, increase website traffic, and build relationships with potential and current customers. This is a one-time opportunity that any business should definitely not give up.

Your Own Brand In Every Customers Hand

Your Own Brand In Every Customers Hand

Why VistaShopee
Nov 02, 2021

Mobile is a device that plays an important role in the decision-making of a lot of purchases. If your brand is present in that mobile the chance of you getting more business increases at a much higher level.

In fact, a recent study says that 79% of customers prefer buying products from mobile as it is easy and comfortable to place an order anytime and anywhere.

Your Own Brand in Every Customers Hand. Make Your Own App with your Brand with VistaShopee for FREE and share your app with your customers on any social media.

VistaShopee helps you to get into the mobile phones of such customers by having your own app. Your app can be installed on your customer’s mobile with your company logo as an icon for it to start.

Your Own Brand in Every Customers Hand

Obviously, your app will contain your products with their images and description giving a detailed idea about your products to the customer. You can set prices for your different kinds of products and also keep offer prices. Your customers can seamlessly add the products to their cart and will be able to checkout effortlessly with a smooth payment process.

Your app will be of the latest PWA technology. This will be of light weight thus not taking much space on your customer's mobile. This app will be compatible with both IOS and Android users therefore it becomes much easier to share the app with you and your customers.

Thus, this is how your brand will shine in every customer’s hand. Now Get  VistaShopee  – Your Own Brand App Ready and Start Your Online Business journey Easily and Effortlessly.

Jo Dikhta Hai Vo Bikta hai - Visibility is the Key to Success.

Jo Dikhta Hai Vo Bikta hai - Visibility is the Key to Success.

Marketing Of Website
Oct 19, 2021

In today’s market, the customer will buy what he sees. The market is very competitive. There are similar products from different companies competing for the same market.

In Today's market, Jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai concept is true. If a consumer doesn’t see your product then he/she will just buy a competitor’s product. That is why it is very important for you and your products to be visible to the customer at all times.

There are many ways in which you can be visible in front of your customer’s eye every time. Website and Social media can be some of the most suitable ways to be visible online.

But one thing that cannot be denied is that today mobile phones are found in every person’s hand and people spend more time on their mobile screens than at any other place.

VistaShopee makes it possible for you to increase your product visibility by having your own app. Your App will talk only about your brand giving a clear idea about your business to the customers. Your Own App will add another channel for your customers to interact with your brand thus giving more exposure and transparency.

When your app is present on every customer's mobile phone the chances of you getting more sales increases due to higher visibility than any other competitors.

A recent study suggests that 88% of customers prefer to research online before making a purchase either online or in a store. Hence Visibility is essential to winning more customers and driving higher sales.

Therefore in this way is how More Visibility is the key to success for your business to succeed and hence Jo Dikhta hai Vo Bikta Hai concept is achievable.

Now Get VistaShopee  – Your Own Branded App Ready and Start Your Online Business journey Easily and Effortlessly.

VistaShopee Vs Shopify - Which Ecommerce Platform is Best

VistaShopee Vs Shopify - Which Ecommerce Platform is Best

Oct 09, 2021

Today online shopping has become more convenient than ever and so are many businesses looking forward to going online.

If you have ever considered having your own online business, chances are you must be wondering which tool is the best for you to launch your online business on. While there are many e-commerce platforms available in the market, but choose which is comfortable for your business.

Shopify is considered a leading e-commerce platform with global users consisting of more than 1.7 million selling their products online.

Now let’s talk about VistaShopee

VistaShopee is a newborn star with an aim to create stars in the e-commerce market place. It is a complete e-commerce solution that helps the virtual seller by developing an online personality with their own website and app.

Shopify may be considered as a good option for the short term, but if you are looking from a long-term point of view then you must give it a second thought. Since Shopify proves to be a mismatch for the long term in budget-wise, ease of use as well as support wise.

We have come up with some comparable points that will help you decide which ecommerce platform is best and make a wiser decision before stepping into the world of virtual business.

VistaShopee Vs Shopify | Which Ecommerce Platform is Best - VistaShopee

1. Indian for Indian

VistaShopee is a newborn Indian Startup all catered and understood Indian Business sense and requirements. Thus VistaShopee has created a specialized solution for Indian businesses.

2. Applicability to Every Business

VistaShopee is a one-stop solution for any type of online business needs. With VistaShopee you can sell any kind of product right from Standard products such as Groceries, Clothes, and Cakes to Digital products like Software and even Configurable, Personalizable products.

3. Ease of Implementation

Shopify may require you to have a little bit knowledge of coding language whereas VistaShopee provides you a very user-friendly WYSIWYG kind of HTML editor giving you complete control to design your page.

VistaShopee is a platform that beginners can rely on given its simple and reliable characteristics. It is so easy to set up your online store that no prior technical knowledge is required at all.

4. Plugins

Plugins mean patch and when there is a patch there is always room for errors such as developer compatibility issues, Site lagging due to overload of plugins. With VistaShopee you don’t require any 3rd party plugins to get basic features for your online business such as SEO tools. VistaShopee comes with an inbuilt SEO feature like Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords to be added to every page. So now you can easily improve your organic traffic and SERP ranking with the use of these SEO tools.

5. Support during Implementation

VistaShopee is there for you at every checkpoint of your online business journey. It offers you their three-tier support system only for you 24/7. You can either go through their training videos which are available both on the website and on YouTube as well as you can call them on +91 9808198198 or email on

Even partners available in your area would be happy to help you. And the most interesting point to be noted is that if nothing works in your favor you are always welcome to attend FREE Online Webinar Everyday @ 5 PM and get your doubts solved in no time.

6. Mobile Platform

VistaShopee makes it possible for you to be present in every customer’s mobile by having your own App. Customers prefer to make purchases from their mobile more often than from a website. Your App will be of the latest PWA technology which does not take much storage space in your customer’s mobile phone and it is suitable for both Android & iOS. Whereas Shopify does not offer a feature of you having a mobile store.

7. Expandability

VistaShopee believes in growth and excellence so we are there with you in your journey from tiny steps to larger leaps. No matter start small and grow big as per your business requirements our exclusive plans are designed for every scale of business. And at the same time, it’s also designed for tech-savvy users (and maybe even developers) since it’s built for scaling businesses. The website can be further customized by modifying HTML & CSS of the store.

8. SMART Application 

The Biggest comparable point to be looked upon which Shopify does not offer is that VistaShopee provides a unique app called SMART(Sales, Marketing, Administrating & Relationship Tool for its users to multiply their revenue with their online shop.

VistaShopee SMART App will be connected to your Online Shop and will help you and your Sales and Marketing Team to Create & Share Visiting Cards, Letters on Letter Head, Flyers, Brochures, Catalogs, Price List, Quotation, Order, Invoice, Messages, and Social Media Posts.

These were the point on the basis of which you would have decided Which Ecommerce Platform is Best.

Whether you’re just starting out today or looking to upscale your business, the right e-commerce solution you choose will not only meet your online requirements but also your customers.

Need a simple and fast way to launch your online business right now? Then Get VistaShopee – A Complete E-commerce Solution for you!

Your Own Mobile E Commerce App Maker FREE

Your Own Mobile E Commerce App Maker FREE

Why VistaShopee
Oct 03, 2021

If you have ever thought “ Does my business need a Mobile Store? ” you’re in the right place. Building a Mobile App  / Store for your business is a serious endeavor, so you need to understand the importance of having a mobile app for business and the advantages of having one within your organization.

Yes, definitely you need Your own Mobile E Commerce App Maker to start selling online and reach more customers.

Mobile E Commerce App Maker for business can offer valuable marketing opportunities and help you reach your target audience, as well as many other advantages that will help put you ahead of your competition.

You can get many options out there for creating a mobile store. But here in VistaShopee, you can create one with absolutely no charges at all.

VistaShopee is Mobile E Commerce App Maker and helps you create your own Mobile Store with minimal steps FREE.

Here with VistaShopee App, anyone can go online selling with their own branded App in less than 24 hours. Check out our demo Mobile Store of Cakes and pastries.

Your Own Ecommerce App with VistaShopee E Commerce App Maker FREE

Starting with VistaShopee, you just need to follow some simple steps and you are good to go LIVE!

Just visit our website  or call at – 9808198198.

Provide your Store name, Logo and product details, and payment gateway details. That’s it!

Your Own Mobile Store is ready to take orders. We help you build your App and are ready to support you anytime when you face any difficulties.

Get VistaShopee  -  An Order Taking App Now and build your online business and grow fast!

Top 5 Must-Have Features of Ecommerce Website

Top 5 Must-Have Features of Ecommerce Website

Marketing Of Website
Sep 15, 2021

In this digital age having a website makes a greater sense as people today always look up to the internet for any information. Websites are an important marketing, communication, and outreach tool for any business. In fact whether you are a small or large company, your website represents your business and creates a legitimate identity in the online world.

A website allows you to create an impression on your visitor and even customer get introduced to you and get a first hand information about your business. Just as a physical store attracts customers with great exterior aesthetics similarly an online shop needs an amazing website to engage viewers. By creating a concise, easy to navigate, and updated look on the web, you will have the support you need for many business endeavors.

Even if a website is not your home base, it provides a place to grow your platform. This is all because of the strategic and innovative placement of elements that not only adds to the user experience but also ultimate conversions in the form of email submission, product buying or brochure downloads, etc. 

Top 5 Must-Have Features of Ecommerce Website

1. Product/Services Details

This first factor is one of the most important one that sets your product or service above the other competitors in the market. Give a brief and clear description of who you are, what you offer, and try to touch the pain points of the customer. After all, a prospective customer searches for a solution to their problem in the form of a product or service whenever they are in need of on the search engine.

Product/Service Details - Must Have Features of Ecommerce Website - VistaShopee

2. Unique Selling Point or USP 

Believe me or not but adding unique selling features and benefits about your company or product/service goes a long way in converting customers into actual customers. A takeaway would be that always try to convert features into benefits.

The fact is not deniable that features are important but not much impactful as you need to sell the results, not the product. All you need to do is try to interlace both features and benefits so that people can visualize how the product can change their lives if they purchase it.


3. Reviews & Testimonials

Any customer would not be interested in buying a product or availing of service from a non-trusted brand or company. It is a fact that people often try to copy or imitate others even in the case of buying. So it is highly recommended that you must add reviews or testimonials on your website of some of your happy or satisfied customers as it adds to the trust and credibility of your company.

Reviews and Testimonial - Must Have Features of Ecommerce Website - VistaShopee

Good credit points of your customers can act as an advocate and boost your sales in many ways. You can create videos, case studies, or even graphics to present all of the amazing work you have completed for others!                              

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), you can add some most common questions or queries that your prospective customer may ask along with the answers to them. Visitors may have some doubts or queries related to your product or service that may refrain them from closing a deal with you. It’s better that you give answers to some common frequently asked questions, this may also cut down your extra cost related to the customer care support system.

5. Calls To Action (CTA)

Adding a call to action is one of the crucial point that will help you to seal the deal with your prospective readers and finally convert them to actual customers. You need to tell your final customers exactly what to do, how to do it, and what you want them to do right now. Always create a sense of urgency so that they turn up quickly like (Get Started Today !, Click Here, Download Now, Sign Up). Try to remove any risk associated with the product ( Money Back Guarantee, Join free for a month, Register Now No Credit Card Needed).

Calls To Action (CTA) on Website - Must Have Features of Ecommerce Website - VistaShopee

So these are the top 5 essential elements that are a must to make your website complete and all set to present it in front of your customers. And not to forget your website content must have an appealing persuasive language that connects with your online visitors on a human level.  

Bringing you business online is what is the need of the hour today, as we look at the increasing number of customers turning into online shoppers and who doesn't want to miss out on this opportunity. A lot of businesses are opting for an Ecommerce solution that offers many tools and features that makes it easy to start and run an online business hassle-free.

How Professional Product Photography Can Boost Your Business

How Professional Product Photography Can Boost Your Business

Marketing Of Website
Sep 12, 2021

Our world and its activities are primarily based on visuals. Human nature reacts to the visuals faster than to the audio. This distinction can be easily understood by conceptualizing advertising done on the radio and running commercial on the TV set. Certainly, the ads running on TV sets would be able to make a more significant impact on the prospective/ target audience.

People can see the actual product in front of their eyes, and this feature is lacking in audio radio commercials. This phenomenon is taken further by the e-Commerce business where pictures have even more significant impact and attracting the customers. Visitors on the site check out the product first and then its details.

The low-grade photographs or the sub-standard pictures can make your online business lose the battle or online competition. Unclear and disinteresting photographs can turn the clients off from the portal, which means lower conversion rates and losses.

So always take product photography  as a serious affair for your eCommerce portal if you want to create a place for yourself and your business on the internet. How can professional product photography boost e-commerce business?

How Professional Product Photography Can Boost Your Business

1. Increases the credibility of the online store.

2. Images help to stand out in the competition.

3. Narrate the idea or the story behind the product.

4. Photographs as per the requirement of each category of the product.

How Professional Product Photography can Boost Your Business

A product photograph that is shot showing the context of a product in use is one method you can use to create stunning images. This technique can help to emphasize particular features of products by capturing them in different environments and brings them to life. Experimenting with a variety of visual elements can show the different creative uses of a product.

Types of Product Photos

1. Images That Show Products Dimensions

Another type of product photograph is to demonstrate the physical proportions of a product to customers. To create an image that illustrates the size of a product various techniques can be applied so that customers can determine the dimensions of a product. One technique to achieve this is to shoot products with objects that customers have a previous knowledge of, for example, a two rupee coin.

2. Products on a Plain Background

One of the most common product photo types is a shot with the individual product against a plain background this can be either black or white. This format is frequently shown on category pages, product pages and often members of the press ask for images with a plain background. A product photograph with a plain background is useful for selling products online because it creates a seamless look for your product photos across your website. Shooting product photos with a plain background can also prevent customers from being distracted by other objects in the same photograph. Using a product photo that has a plain background not only helps your business look professional but will build their trust in shopping with you.

3. Macro Shots

The use of product photography on an e-commerce website is essential because consumers do not have the ability to hold the product physically. Macro shots should be used in addition to standard product photos. A macro shot will provide your business with a method of depicting the texture of a product. This gives customers a close-up of the smallest details. Remember, lighting is an important aspect of a macro shot because it can highlight details that might not be noticed otherwise.

4. 360 Product Photography

One popular trend in product photography is the use of 360-degree photographs. This is a fantastic technique for displaying products on an e-commerce site and enables potential buyers to interact and examine a product in more detail. As a result, this allows you to showcase the best design features of your product to encourage people to carry out purchases via your online checkout. 

5. Group Shots

Traditionally product photographs are taken of individual items but displaying products in the same collection is another interesting technique that businesses can use to market their products. Laying out products in groups can present an entire product range in one image.  

5 Different Types of Products and How to Add them in VistaShopee Admin Panel

5 Different Types of Products and How to Add them in VistaShopee Admin Panel

Why VistaShopee
Sep 07, 2021

So finally you have decided to support your online business by having a website or an app. Great decision, Hats Off!!

But have you ever given a thought on this that What makes an online purchase? No doubt advertising, marketing, design or optimization plays an important role in generating revenue for your online business. But ultimately one thing which is extremely important is the product and how you segment or arrange them on your virtual store.

A product is anything that is offered for sale to satisfy a customers need or demand. Quality product placement on your website or app is of obvious requirement, but yet it is least concerned by some specialist and online store owners successful sales technique. Huge efforts and money are spent on advertising, marketing and search engine optimization, but after all a customer’s purchase journey matters right from browsing the product to final order placement.

The main reason behind a person choosing online shopping is the 3 C’s that are associated with online purchase which are Convenient, Comfort and Customized experience. For any website or an app proper user experience and Navigation is utmost important. A user should be able to comfortably browse your product gallery, add it to the cart and finally click the ‘buy’ button.

Best Ways to Organize Products in your Virtual Shop:

Target Audience Segment.

If you deal in products that are specifically related to a particular age or gender then you can categorize your products as per men, women, kids or pets.  This is a great way to organize products and get specific data and feedback for each audience segment without having to filter by gender or age.

Organize by Product Location .

If a product is typically known to be found in a specific place, you should apply a location based product scheme. Just think of house decor websites or app and having products added to sections that match the kitchen space, living room, bedroom or bathrooms.  

Adding a product .

Before adding your first product, let’s get familiar with how product categories, tags, and attributes work.

Product Categories .

Product categories and tags can be created, edited, and selected at any time. This can be done when you first create a product or come back and edit it or the category/tag specifically.

Attributes .

These can be added per product, or you can set up global attributes for the entire store to use (e.g., in layered navigation).  

5 Different Types of Product.

With attributes and categories set up and stock management configured, we can begin adding products. When adding a product, the first thing to decide is what type of product it is.

1. Simple 

Covers the vast majority of any products you may sell. Simple products are shipped and have no options. For example, a book.

2. Grouped

A collection of related products that can be purchased individually and only consist of simple products. For example, a set of six drinking glasses.

3. Virtual

One that doesn’t require shipping. For example, a service. Enabling this, disables all shipping related fields such as shipping dimensions. A virtual product will also not trigger the shipping calculator in cart and checkout.

4. Downloadable 

Activates additional fields where you can provide a downloadable file. After a successful purchase, customers are given a downloadable file as a link in the order notification email. This is suitable, for example, for a digital album, PDF magazine, or photo.

5. Variable

A product with variations, each of which may have a different SKU, price, stock option, etc. For example, a t-shirt available in different colors and/or sizes.  

How to Add Products in VistaShopee Admin Panel

Go to Navigation bar and under Products click on the Category to add product categories. Give product name, add image with proper size and choose product type and submit.

How to Add Products in VistaShopee Admin Panel

You can active or deactive the categories whenever you want and you can even decide the sequence of the category appearance on your app.

Different Types Of Products and How to Add them in VistaShopee

Now under the Products section click on the products to add products. Give name of the product, choose category, mention item code, add price and offer price if any. Then upload a nice attractive product image with proper dimensions. And don’t forget to write a good description below.  

How to Add Products in VistaShopee Admin Panel

In this way you can add products in many numbers as you want and it will get updated automatically on your  VistaShopee Admin Panel

Still unable to understand the process?  Watch the video tutorial by Clicking Here.

5 Best Social Media Platforms for Business

5 Best Social Media Platforms for Business

Marketing Of Website
Aug 30, 2021

A big smile arises on your face the moment you receive a notification that someone liked or commented on a post that you just shared on social media. See how it immediately lifts up your mood, this is what the power of social media is. And if similarly social media is used in a good way then surely it can bring positive results to any online business.

Now first of all let’s understand what social media is

What is Social Media?

In today’s day and age, the word ‘Social Media' has become a big talk of the town. Social media is an online communication platform that allows you to interact with your customers and share information in real-time

Since people have gained easy access to smart phones with good internet connectivity, more and more people are joining social media. Today social media is not just restricted to creating personal bonds and relations online but also a great business opportunity to build trust and credibility with your customers.

Social media so far has evolved at such a rapid speed that one can simply know the nook and corner of a particular user with a single click of the mouse.

If you are running an online business and still not promoting it on social media platforms then you are in great danger, there are billions of companies maintaining their social media pages just to maintain transparency and bridge the gap between brand and customer.

Let’s dive into what social media can do wonders to your business and maybe you might change your mind and start creating your social media profiles. 

Benefits of using Social Media for Business

Social media is a two-way communication platform that helps you generate engagement with your followers through interactive messages. In this way, you get to know their likes and dislikes and develop products/services that meet their requirements.

Social media can help your business to -

Social media can help you find new customers and increase your customer base.

It can be a great source to get customer feedbacks and can get you to self-analyze your business and what are your strengths and weaknesses.

Do market research and grab opportunities to increase your market reach including international markets.

Active social media performance can help you increase revenue by creating loyal customers that become your advocates and promote business thereby reducing marketing costs.

Social media can be a great platform for creating awareness and creating a unique brand image in the minds of the prospects.

You can even get new business ideas and can exchange or share some valuable information by joining like-minded groups on social media.

You can increase traffic to your website and improve search engine ranking.

Links play a major role in your social media post, so make sure to add links to your website on every post to bring unfiltered traffic to your site.

Through social media, you can always keep an eye on your competitors - what kind of content they share, how they interact with their audience, etc.

And last but not the least social media holds the power of mass sharing capability. The meaning of the proverb “Sharing is caring” in real sense is justified by social media. When your post is well interesting and relevant to your business it doesn't take a single minute to get shared by your customers and admirers and it may spread like wildfire across multiple social media channels.

After going through all the social media benefits I’m sure you would be excited to know which social media platform is the best for you and your online business?

Then worry not here are the lineup of some of the trending hot social media platforms that companies are dying to be that unique star amongst the crowd.

5 Best Social Media Platforms for Business

Not all social media platforms will be useful for your business. Consider selecting those platforms where your maximum niche customers are present. You must be there, where your target audience is as it is said that ‘Visibility is the key to success'. 

1. Facebook

Facebook  is one of the most popular social media site having more than two billion users. Facebook is the most affordable choice for every business. According to Hubspot Research - Over 200 million businesses use Facebook's apps and free tools to raise awareness and engagement.

As you can find almost anyone on Facebook provided they have access to the internet. This means almost everyone in your customer base has a Facebook account that’s why it’s a top social media site for businesses.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging site with a character limit of 280 words. That is why twitter makes it different for people to promote their business in a very concise and interesting way. The customer base is not huge as compared to Facebook but can be a great place to know what your customers are talking about.

3. Instagram

Instagram is one of the youngest social networking site with the majority of users under 25 yrs of age. Instagram is the best platform for those companies whose target audience is the young generation. Even though if your company is not young trendy, but still you can post creative photos to bring more visits to your website and engagement.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more like a professional platform to build connections in a formal way. It is a community of business workers and professionals who share and connect on a professional level making it more formal than other social media platforms. You will mostly have B2B and B2C contacts present here and the content shared here is mostly formal.

5. YouTube

YouTube is one of the number one video streaming platform. Here you can find videos across varied genres giving you the opportunity to receive likes and comments and increase your channel subscribers. For business, Youtube can be best to share product reviews, tutorial videos that can improve transparency and trust between you as a business and your customers.

So in the real sense, you got to know how social media is a powerful marketing and communication tool and how it can really give a boost to your online business.

In fact when social media icons are placed on your business website, it can really be a win-win situation for both you and your online visitors. On one hand, users can give a visit to your social media pages through icons/ links on your website and can follow you there easily and in return, you would gain the much-needed traffic to your website resulting in more visitors turning into leads.

Looking for a perfect solution to go online? Then why don’t you try VistaShopee? We are an awesome platform with in-built digital marketing tools for you to effortlessly carry out marketing efforts and much more. Call us today at 9808198198 or you may visit our website to know more. 

4 Things I Need to Start an Online Business

4 Things I Need to Start an Online Business

Why VistaShopee
Jul 16, 2021

If you are thinking of starting your own business or you already have a business and are struggling to maintain the “business as usual” status right now, then you are not alone. Businesses all over the world are having to adapt and find a new normal to survive post the COVID scenario. But the good news is Selling online is now easier than ever.

Starting an online store is way easier than setting up a physical store. Whether you want to sell one product or a whole range of products in different categories, types, sizes, and colors, you can get your shop ready and up for running in just 3 hours with VistaShopee. 

Yes, you heard it Right! 

VistaShopee makes it possible for you to turn your business idea into reality with its content-driven and most affordable platform for creating websites and apps.

Now you must be wondering how this is possible and what are the requirements to go online.

Creating your online shop and kick starting your online business is just as simple as a cup of tea. This is all made possible with VistaShopee , your one-stop solution to all your online business-related problems.

First of all, let's chalk out the basic things I need to start an online business, you must need to complete for you to step into the online business world.

1. A Clear Business Idea

2. Business Name & Logo

3. Products to be Added

4. Domain Name

4 Things I Need to Start an Online Business

1. A Clear Business Idea

To start your Shop in 3 hours you must have a clear idea of your business, the products and their types, business area, and targeted customers. And most importantly your desire to set up an Online Shop.

2. Business Name and Logo

A logo is the very first component in the digital world that creates an impression on a visitor's mind. So the Must-have thing is an attractive and descriptive logo. The logo suits your business and explains the type of business you are in. Your business name and logo also help you to create a unique identity in the online business world.

3. Products to be Added

The type of products or services you are selling should be well categorized and added to your online shop in the form of photos, product details, quantity, and pricing.

Just Three (3) things are enough for you to set up an online shop under VistaShopee. Vistashopee even has a ready Product Library for your comfort that you can import into your online shop and save the time of entering products one by one.

Products to be Added - 4 Things I Need to Start an Online Business - VistaShopee

4. Domain  Name

A domain name is your shop address in digital format like If you already own a domain of your business name then your shop will be live on your own chosen domain.

In case if you do not have a domain or any idea about it then worry not, VistaShopee will set up your shop on a subdomain at no cost at all.

Domain Name - 4 Things I Need to start an Online Business - VistaShopee

If you are ready with all  the above requirements then

Good Job! you’ve come this far successfully, now you are just one step away from setting up your online shop with VistaShopee in just 3 hours and all set to go LIVE! To know more Visit us at or call us on 9808198198.

We at VistaShopee strive towards helping startups, restaurants, retailers, wholesalers, home business owners, and entrepreneurs run a successful online store.

With our easy to handle platform and various in-built benefits, you’ll be able to sell your products online with ease.

And What's Better than witnessing your website coming LIVE! in just 3 Hours.

Starting an Online Retail Business - The Need of the Hour

Starting an Online Retail Business - The Need of the Hour

Why E-commerce
Jul 14, 2021

The recent ongoing coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the businesses of many retailers.

Due to lockdown restrictions and limited working hours the as usual footfall is very low and as a result they have not been able to generate adequate sales.Thus, Starting an Online Retail Business is the Need of the Hour Today. Today, big online giants like Amazon and Flipkart have become successful in attracting large number of customers as they provide many benefits in the form of variety of product offering, seamless payment options, delivery at the doorstep etc. And hence people also find these online shops convenient and comfortable. In fact, a recent survey has found out that in India this pandemic has affected 82% of retail businesses.  

Why Shifting to Online is a Better Option Today:

Today half of the population in India owns a smart phone with good internet connectivity, so there is a great scope and a win-win situation for both the customers and the company. In today’s day and age having an online business is very vital to stay ahead in this competitive market and earn revenue. And yes, people today not only use the internet to search and review products online but also actually sometimes buy their products online too.  

Starting an Online Retail Business

Difficulties of Traditional Business:

Running a bricks-and-mortar business requires a lot of capital investment and administrative cost in the form of rent payment, staff salaries and other utilities. And purchasing a physical store is quite expensive as the prices of the real estate are soaring high. Retail business is restricted to only local markets and nearby regions that limits the scope of reaching wider customer base. Many retailers depend on traditional marketing formats which is extremely costly though they are a powerful means of advertising.  Upgrading your traditional business into a virtual shop especially in the form of a website or an app comes with bigger advantages and benefits. Thus, Starting an Online Retail Business is the Need of the Hour Today.

The Need of the hour - Starting an Online Retail Business

First let us understand what is E-Tailing “E-tailing or Electronic retailing is the use of internet to sell goods and services online” .

Actually moving a retail business online simply increases your visibility in this highly competitive market. That is the reason why your online presence will act as a complimentary to your traditional business.   Benefits of Going Online: One of the biggest reason to bring your retail business online is that you can expand your market beyond local customers very quickly across varied cities, states and globally as well. Another greatest advantage of moving into an online business is that you incur comparatively less administrative cost.

With a virtual shop you do not need to have a storage facility instead sell the products through your app or website and send it directly from the supplier to the customer. With the help of a website or app, marketing becomes an easy job as you can integrate social media pages where you can promote your products and services online. Along with that website analysis tools will help you to gain insights into your customer’s needs.  

Starting an online business - The Need of the Hour

VistaShopee is a platform that offers a helping hand in designing beautiful websites and apps to many traditional retailers like you. So that we can easily expand and transition our business into the online world smoothly.

With the help of VistaShopee you can have your own website or app ready with minimal charges and yes, even with no set up cost. You can have your virtual shop ready… at the earliest without any prior knowledge of IT.

Now Showcase your products effectively with  VistaShopee

Starting an Online Retail Store with Multiple Information Tabs

With VistaShopee you can promote your store easily. You will get a marketing tool named - VistaShopee Smart .

It allows you to add your all business details and products, and it creates catalogs, Brochures, visiting cards, greetings etc. This way your marketing cost will get reduced automatically, and your business sale rises automatically.

Starting an Online Retail Business - The Need of the Hour

Isn’t it Interesting??

Now what you can do is,

Buy a  VistaShopee plan  and start your online journey today!!

How to Grow Ecommerce Business in 4 Ways

How to Grow Ecommerce Business in 4 Ways

Marketing Of Website
Jul 09, 2021

In today’s day and time, there has been a huge change in the way people conduct their business. Initially, retailers used to see their business only from the perspective of earning just the profit. During those days approaching and marketing products to the customer was very easy, as customers’ needs were also limited and simple.

But today due to the internet and technological advancement customers have evolved themselves as “Smart Customers”  who are always on the lookout for high-quality products at reasonable prices. So accordingly businesses have to change their perspective from company-centric to customer-centric and give more value to customers.

Internet and technology go hand in hand. Today half of the population has a mobile phone with good internet connectivity so it would be obvious that they would be on every social media platform. What today the brands need to have, is to be present where their target audience is. There is a saying that  Visibility is the key to Success. The more you are visible the more customers will come to you.

Let us understand what is mobile commerce “M-commerce or mobile commerce is buying and selling of goods and services using wireless handheld devices like smartphone or tablet”. Examples of m-commerce include in-app purchasing, mobile banking, virtual shop or digital wallet.

How to Grow Ecommerce Business in 4 Ways

1. Identify Your Niche And Develop A Unique Brand

For any business, it is very important the niche in which the retailer wants to do business. The type of industry, customer base, competitors and the type of product you are going to market all must be well defined properly. Developing a unique brand will give you a competitive advantage which is essential to stand out in the online market. Once you meet those criteria you will have a strong online presence and will flourish like never before.

2. Understand Your Audience Well

For any entrepreneur to be successful it is necessary to understand who their target audience is. The more you know your audience the better you will cater to their needs and the more they will turn to your business. Good market research will help you to draft a buyer persona that will give you an idea to which individuals your online business is targeting. This is in turn will help you to develop a robust digital strategy and increase your online sales.

3. Content Is The King

Today content is ruling allover on every online platform and even audiences consume those content in different formats like video, audio, and written. As more and more businesses transition to an online platform, they need superior content marketing skills so that their business flourishes online. Blogs can be a great example to grow online is relatively easy to create also.

4. Having A Social Media Presence

In today’s day and time almost all the people across various ages are present on social share. So it is necessary you as a business must also be there where your target audience is. Strong social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn will give your online business the needed exposure and engagement to create a mark on the online platform.

So with a perfect digital marketing strategy and proper understanding of the industry market will give your online business the required boost and success in the online market.

VistaShopee is a platform that helps businesses like traditional retailers in having an online presence in the form of a website or an app. Vista Shopee has plans ranging from 499/- to 3999/- so you can choose any plan as per your requirement and business type. Each unique plan gives access to you with different features and benefits.

Explore our website to find out our plans. Click Here.

Buy any plan and start your online journey with  VistaShopee  Today!!


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