FREE Marketing App (VistaShopee SMART) - Vistashopee Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Experience limitless possibilities with Free APP VistaShopee SMART, offering unlimited user access. Elevate your brand with an online business card, engaging social post creator, and personalized branded greetings. Seamlessly manage your catalog, point of sale (POS), and bulk WhatsApp communication. Securely store information with the vault and streamline expense tracking for efficient business management
Online and Digital Visiting Card Online digital visiting cards streamline sharing and access to your information, facilitating convenient and dynamic networking
Visiting Card Scanner Visiting card scanner digitizes physical cards, ensuring easy access, organization, and retrieval of contacts on your mobile device.
Branded Greeting Cards Sending regular greetings with your brand name fosters customer engagement, strengthens relationships, enhances brand recall, and creates a positive brand perception.
Flyers, Brochures, Price List, Catalogue Instantly generate marketing materials like flyers, brochures, price lists, and catalogs from your website content on your mobile device, effortlessly showcasing your business details.
POS (Point Of Sale) A mobile-compatible POS with an inbuilt barcode scanner, bill parking capability, receipt printer compatibility, order synchronization between the app and website, and the ability to message invoices
Instant Order Notifications Quick action on new orders, facilitating faster order processing and timely customer communication.
Letterheads Portable and Professional: Mobile-friendly letterhead designs for official communication on the go
Vault, Expense & Asset Centre


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