Adaptable Shipping - Vistashopee Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
VistaShopee's Shipping module offers comprehensive control with customizable shipping zones and multiple methods tailored to each zone.
Enjoy flexibility with conditional free shipping and set custom rates per zone for precise cost management. Optimize shipping calculations with a volumetric weight chart and streamline operations with API-based shipping integration, including Ship Rocket and We Fast - Borzo. Enhance efficiency further with a self-delivery system and a dedicated delivery person app for seamless order fulfilment.
Multiple Shipping Methods Free Shipping, Conditional Free Shipping, Flat or Custom Shipping Rates
Inbuilt Custom Shipping Multiple Shipping Zone Creation based on Country, State, City & even Pin Codes. Zone wise, Weight Slab wise Shipping Rates, Volumetric Weight for Shipping Calculations
Internal Shipping Handle Delivery through internal delivery team; making them SMART users.
Shipping API Integration Pre Integrated APIs; International with Ship Rocket & Hyperlocal with Borzo (We Fast)
SMART for Delivery


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