Ready to use Marketing Tools - Vistashopee Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Elevate your marketing strategy on VistaShopee with enticing offer banners and seamless integration of promo codes. Boost sales with effective cross-selling and upselling features, maximizing customer engagement. Foster direct communication through WhatsApp Chat and Tawk To, ensuring personalized assistance.
Keep your audience informed with dynamic updates using the Ticker Tape feature for a captivating browsing experience.
WhatsApp Chat Integrate most preferred mode of communication on your website for real-time customer support, increases engagement with Whats App
UP Sell Sell More with impulse buying; show relevant Products at Cart on every addition of Product in Cart.
Cross Sell Sell Better Product or Better Margin Product by showing relevant Products with Every Product
Offers Show Offer Banners & Connect Products or Tags to Offer
Promo Codes Create Unlimited Promocodes for Percentage or Flat Discounts for all or specific Products. Define Validity Dates, Usage Limit.
Reviews Improve selling with Reviews. Allow Users to give ratings & write Review. Show Ratings & filtered Reviews on Product Page
TawkTo Chat Have real-time customer support, increases engagement, and fosters immediate interaction with visitors - possibility to integrate Tawkto
Ticker Tape


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