FAQs Section on the Website - A Muted Customer Support

Frequently asked questions, more popularly referred to as FAQs are a great way to improve the customer experience of your website. It allows you to clear all the doubts your customers may have about your product or service. It has several other benefits to having FAQs on your website.

It gives you an excellent opportunity to communicate with one of the most important visitors to your site – those who are in the process of decision-making. One of the biggest reasons for users not converting is a lack of more information or unanswered questions. The FAQs page definitely takes care of that.

FAQs Section on the website is Effective Because:

They improve the user journey by addressing the real needs of your customers. FAQs ensure your website gets high-quality and relevant traffic. They increase the time people spend on your website and the conversion rate. FAQs are also a piece of relevant content that can improve your ranking performance.

VistaShopee helps with a simple and effective FAQs section on the website

When you make a site or an app with VistaShopee you can also create a simple FAQs section on the website. VistaShopee allows you to add questions and answers one by one. You can also add the questions and fill in the answers later on. Or add a few questions, to begin with and you can always add in more FAQs later on. With VistaShopee you can also change the sequence of the questions depending on the queries.

The FAQs section on the website not only helps in displaying all the questions in one place but also helps with improving the ranking of the page. Regular updates also help you improve the keyword selection and hence an improvement in the ranking of the page.

Make your FAQs section on the website even more Effective

Make it easy to find – Don’t change the title of the FAQs page at any point. People will be looking for FAQs and will not understand if you write titles like ‘Know More’ or ‘Good to Know.’

Write from the customer’s point of view – Instead of ‘Can you gift a voucher?’ write ‘Can I buy a gift voucher for someone else?’

Use the question-answer format – Sounds obvious but simply answer the question and help the customer.

Keep your answers short – Most of your customers are looking for a simple and straight answer. Just give it to them.

Give the actual answer instead of a link – It’s great to have cross-links to another section but don’t just leave the link instead of the answer. Give out the answer and then put the link for more detailed information. For e.g. if the question is about return policy don’t just give the link to read the lengthy details. Please write a shorter version of the return policy and then insert the link for more information.

Start your answers with a yes or a no – You may follow it up with details but ensure you give a clear and concise answer.

Avoid using jargon – Ensure your answers are simple and without any confusing jargon or technical terms.

Insert long-tail keywords – This section is perfect to utilize long-tail keywords without sounding repetitive or boring. It will help with your search engine ranking as well.

Add branding elements – Apart from the regular questions you can even have a question on your brand name, logo, or tagline. A simple, concise answer will help your clients connect with you better.

Take your time in making your FAQs section on the website. With VistaShopee i t can be easily a consistent effort. A good FAQs page can convince new customers, close sales, and save your time from answering repetitive questions.


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