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How to Increase Ecommerce Website Traffic Without Ad Spending

A Big Question arising after starting an Ecommerce store online is How to Increase Ecommerce Website Traffic Without Spending on Ads? Read to know How!

At VistaShopee, we like to help our customers at every stage of setting up their eCommerce site. No wonder, we would like to guide you even after the site is up and running. We know the pain when suddenly your website traffic hits a plateau.

Don’t expect a sudden stream of traffic. Instead, consistent effort will bring you a steady stream regularly. Here’s a list that you can follow on How to increase ecommerce website traffic and see how you attract customers.

Create Original Content

When you set up an online store, you must have understood how your audience thinks. Keep this in mind and create meaningful and relevant content.

Create a video post

Make a list of things to do

Give it a compelling headline

Create a resource centre – with amazing visuals, infographics, downloadable guides, how to videos and more.

Get a guest blogger – they bring in a fresh perspective and also brings people from their network.

Add social share buttons on the blog page so users can share relevant articles on their WhatsApp or Facebook or LinkedIn.

In this age, we know that content is king and only good and relevant content also known as lead magnets are going to bring back traffic.

Employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A big thing that comes when the question arises how to increase organic traffic on ecommerce website without spending on Ads is SEO. When using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), remember to work up on a list of target keywords. In fact, what works better is long tail keywords. These targeted keywords are more unique and closer to what people are looking for on the web.

But that’s not enough. You need to place the target keywords in the following locations.

Title tag (meta title)

H1 heading

At least two H2 headings

Thankfully, for you in VistaShopee the product name and product descriptions automatically get tagged under H1 and H2 respectively.

Naturally in the body

The first 100 words

Image file names and alt text

With VistaShopee the alt text option is available for main as well as all images that you add to the website.

Meta Description

When we say meta description, we don’t mean to stuff it with keywords. Optimize these pieces for better organic clicks.

Meta title: Keep this up to 60 characters or less value, with the keyword close to the beginning, and indicate some sort of value or benefit.

Meta description: Keep this between 155-165 characters, indicate the value the reader will get out of the post, and make it actionable.

Create Internal Links

Have at least 2-3 links to other product pages or other blog pages. In case you don’t have time to come up with new articles or new blogs you can often refresh an earlier content. Add new information and stats to it, replace the visuals with new ones, add new or more recent content, add new keywords and tweak your meta title and meta description.

Use Social Media

When you’re planning your social media calendar, ensure you promote products, new ones and old ones, as well as blogs. See what is in trend and promote those products. These will naturally have the product link and your followers will be able to come to your online store. Improve the reach of your posts by using relevant and popular hashtags.

On Instagram, you can have a shorter link like a link that you can customize so users can easily type it and reach the destination page.

Drive Excitement

Have regular engagement like discounts, offers, and coupon codes to drive traffic to your online store.

Use Emailers

While a welcome emailer is a good beginning, ensure it is not the only email you send to your customers. Offers or new products will always excite your customers and bring them back to your website.

Store traffic is essential for e-Commerce sales and business growth. Now that you’ve read how to get a steady stream of traffic to your e-store, it’s time to get these into action. You can start implementing the above-mentioned tactics and you will get the answer the question how to increase website traffic to your ecommerce website without spending a penny on paid ads.

Understand your audience, deliver the right content, and watch your traffic grow. But remember, don’t do a half-hearted effort. Begin each of these only when you’re ready to dedicate time and effort.

Stay tuned, for more usable information from VistaShopee!