·       Google My Business Profile                                     5,000

Appear in Maps and Google Local Pack Listings with a Complete GMB setup with company details, interlinking of social profiles through schema and product listings


·       GTM (Google Tag Manager)                                   3,000

Measure, Analyze, and Create actionable steps to improve your marketing and website performance with GTM linked to your website with appropriate Tags, Triggers & Variables

·       Facebook                                                             3,000

Facebook page set up with a company culture, Company details, Business manager, Profile image, timeline image, page interlinked with other social profiles (Instagram, WhatsApp etc.) & website

·       Instagram                                                            3,000

Profile setup with Company bio, category, contact options and action buttons, profile interlinked with WhatsApp & Facebook profile, suggesting Story highlights style

·       LinkedIn                                                               3,000

Profile setup with company details with page info ,Hashtags, banner resizing, display details

·       YouTube                                                               3,000

Profile setup with Company info, contact details, banner

·       Twitter                                                                 3,000

Profile setup with Company info, contact details, company Hashtags, banner