The New Version of VistaShopee is here!

Now it is more Smarter, More Easier , and More Faster and very Affordable for everyone.

Experience the Newest and Hottest version of the VistaShopee App with which you can do most of the things possible for your business going online.

VistaShopee is for Every Industry, Every Size & Every Stage of business.

VistaShopee 3.0 gives you a smoother approach to selling your goods, showcasing your service, getting order notifications, getting inquiry notifications, Creating your digital identity with your interactive Digital card, business communication in the form of letterheads, brochures, etc., and much more. 

What's New?


Whether you are a Manufacturer or running a Home Business, This is a Single Stop Solution for each & every business present in the market.

Businesses related to any industry type like Restaurants, Corporate professionals, Home Businesses, B2B Businesses, and Grocery stores, from skilled professionals to skilled workers / jobers, Everyone can take their business online in a few minutes with VistShopee.

  • Digital Visiting Card for Everyone:

Go Paperless Go Online!

VistaShopee 3.0 is loaded with Digital Visiting card templates in multiple designs and color options for Business and Personal uses.

A card with complete details of your business, and profession to share and the option of ‘direct save to contact’ for the receiver. Allow Your Prospects / Clients to connect with you by Mobile, Email, Visit you, or connect on any Social Media with the clickable business card.

A business card that carries a link to your Branded App & website created through VistaShopeeGet a Shortcut to Contacts just by scanning a card and it will get saved automatically with the required fields.

  • Your Own App:

Your App Your Identity!

Your presence in everyone’s mobile in the form of an App with your Logo! Yes, you heard it right.

With VistaShopee App you can create your own App that will reserve a space in your prospects’ / customers’ mobile.

The app with your Products & Categories is shown in different layouts and styles.

An App matching your brand or logo.

  • A website with App:

A Website and an App! 

Now with VistaShopee 3.0, your website gets ready automatically along with your App.

Both the App and the website are synced together and always updated whenever changes are made.    

VistShopee 3.0 also provides extra features like:

  • Instant Marketing Collaterals Share Your Product / Service InformationSpread.

  • Latest updates to your ContactMaintain updated Assets; and share Instantly.

  • Maintain Relations with Existing Customers by sending personalized Greetings.

VistaShopee 3.0 is everything you need for your online business. 

Download now or upgrade your existing app NOW! 

Click on the link below and Start your online journey Today! 

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